California Higher Education Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Conference

Best Practices

San Diego State UniversitySan Diego State University

San Diego State University has embarked on an ambitious strategic planning process that has included all elements of the university community. Within that process, President Hirshman identified Student Success as one of the “Building Excellence” focus goals. The planning process identified two important initiatives relevant to alcohol and other drugs: 1) Provide permanent funding to continue the Aztec Nights program in support of student well-being; and 2) Convene a campus-wide task force to review, assess, and implement additional support for programs addressing the negative academic and personal consequences of abuse of alcohol and other drugs. This task force will be presenting their initiative proposals in April.

Also, SDSU has become a smoke-free campus. As of January 1, the entire campus is completely smoke-free. This policy defines smoking broadly to include tobacco-derived e-cigarettes. To support this policy, both the Counseling and Psychological Services and the Student Health Services offer help to students wishing to quit smoking.

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