California Higher Education Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Conference

Best Practices

CSU Dominguez HillsCSU Dominguez Hills

Our committee continues to provide a variety of programs and services to our students and the campus. During our health fairs each semester, the Alcohol Awareness Coordinating Team (AACT) sponsors "Sober Shots." Students are given the opportunity to shoot a basketball unimpaired. They then put on Fatal Vision goggles, which represent differing amounts of impairment based on a certain blood alcohol content (BAC) level. Students then attempt taking a shot at the basket. Each session, hundreds of students attempt the sober shot. Committee members then talk about motor-skill and decision-making impairment when drinking different levels of alcohol. The main message is not to drink and drive. Students are given literature and a BAC meter.

This, along with our Halloween BAC Drac (Dracula in costume) program and our Spring Break Designated Driver Contract programs allow our AACT members to interact with students on the subject of alcohol consumption, making good decisions, and the importance of understanding how their bodies process and are affected by alcohol. We have learned that our students have histories that include losing friends and relatives to alcohol (including alcohol poisoning) drunk drivers. They greatly appreciate the BAC meters and are amazed by the effects of the Fatal Vision goggles. We average about 150 Spring Break Designated Driver Contracts each year for this event, held the week before to spring break.

The Office of Student Life and the AACT teamed up to bring back our X Factor program. For this program, about 50 students and staff wear a black shirt with a large X on the front. Once these shirts are seen on numerous people around various parts of campus, students begin to ask what they represent. When asked, the person wearing the shirt, who has a supply of X'ed out cards, hands the person asking about the shirt one of their cards. These cards include a scenario in which someone was lost to drinking and driving, alcohol abuse, or drug abuse. Another magnetized card is also handed out with resource referral and contact information and six statements for "Ways to Refuse a Drink." This card also shows a visual representation of "how the body metabolizes one drink per hour for beer, wine, and hard liquor shots."

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