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Violence Prevention Champion Award

Jennifer Gacutan-Galang
receives her awardJennifer Gacutan-Galang
San Jose State University

Jennifer Gacutan-Galang has served as a Wellness and Health Promotion Coordinator at SJSU for almost 5 years. From the beginning, it was clear that Jennifer had a passion for violence education. In her first year, she launched a new and very successful specialty on violence prevention within our large Peer Health Education program. This included the development and implementation of new curricula addressing sexual assault, intimate partner violence, violence in the media, consent, and bystander intervention. Soon after, this became one of the most requested specialty areas and last semester alone, PHE presentations and programming reached nearly 5000 students. All incoming Frosh are now exposed to some education on sexual assault and consent and that will soon expand to empowered bystander training. Greek members, other student orgs and academic classes continue to request the interactive and topical violence prevention workshops.

In spite of challenging budgetary years, Jennifer has created effective partnerships with colleagues and community members to expand violence prevention. She personally trains Resident Advisors, Peers in PRIDE leaders, and the interns within the SJSU MOSAIC multicultural center. Additionally Jennifer has overseen the Clothesline Project at SJSU, which won an "Excellence in Collaboration" award for our PHE group. Take Back the Night is a high profile event at SJSU that brings residential, Greek, PHE's,and many other campus departments and students together to education 100's of students about issues related to women and violence.

Perhaps most significantly, over the past 18 months, Jennifer has provided outstanding leadership, spearheading a coalition funded by a Kaiser grant, to better integrate violence prevention education at SJSU. Due to her efforts, in partnership with the coalition, who represent faculty, staff, and students, the SJSU community will now have access to a comprehensive one-stop-shop Website with resources (e.g., toolkits, videos, handouts, quizzes, help-lines, etc.) on a wide range of violence topics including: Sexual assault, intimate partner violence, bullying, stalking, suicide, general safety, and more. The campaign to promote the website tools and other initiatives is called Spartans for Safety and will also include an Empowered Bystander program, apps to promote safety on and near campus, and the transition of the coalition from a task-centered group to an on-going committee that can continue to inform both practice and policy.

For all of her efforts to successfully support student and for making SJSU a safer place for all, I hope that you will consider recognizing Jennifer Gacutan-Galang with the Violence Champion Award.

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