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Tip - How to Import HTML Tables into Excel

Please follow these steps:

Open Excel

Click the Data tab.

Data tab

Click From Web in the Get External Data group.

Data tab

Click the Options link in the New Web Query box.

Options tab

Click Full HTML Formatting, then OK.

Options Setting tab

Enter the web address in the address bar, and click Go.

Web Address tab

Each table on your web page will be indicated by an arrow, as shown below.

Arrow tab

Click the arrow next to the table you want to import, which will turn it into a check mark.

Click the Import button, and the Import Data box pops up. Indicate where you’d like to import your HTML table, then click OK.

Import Position tab

Format and Save your spreadsheet.

Important: Check the spreadsheet to be sure the columns were created correctly.
In some instances headings or numbers may be incorrectly separated as shown below:

Check Spreadsheet

When that happens you may want to copy the applicable section from the Web manually and paste it into Excel.

Copy Manually

Then click the Data tab and select Text to Columns to correctly split the data.

Text To Columns

Click Fixed width and then the Next button.

Step 1

Click Finish if the columns are correctly separated.

Step 2

Step 3

Format and Save your spreadshseet.


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Last Updated: May 5, 2014