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Student Needs and Priorities Survey

About every five years since 1981, the Student Needs and Priorities Survey (SNAPS) has been administered to a carefully selected sample of CSU students across the system. Developed and refined by the CSU through consultation with a representative systemwide advisory committee, this questionnaire asks students to rank the importance of various aspects of their educational experience, and then they indicate how good their experiences have been. They are also asked to identify obstacles for reaching their educational goals and to recommend changes that would help them reach their goals. Over the years, the measures of student satisfaction derived from the SNAPS responses have assumed greater importance as the CSU moves toward generating more indicators of accountability. The SNAPS responses also are the source for additional information about the social and economic characteristics that define CSU students. They yield information on such things as commuter status, work status, financial need, non-English language usage, and first-generation college-going status.

A brief on the 1999 SNAPS report is available as a PDF (Adobe Acrobat file) from the Board of Trustees Agendas site. The brief is on pages 8 through 25.

More information on the 1999 SNAPS:

The 1994 SNAPS report is a 61 page document. The text is augmented by 36 displays (i.e., tables and color graphs) and 13 appendix tables. Student responses are disaggregated by student level, units attempted, major, campus size, residential status, age, ethnicity, hours worked, and family income.

SNAPS Survey Forms

For reference purposes, we are providing the SNAPS survey forms. Currently we have the 1999 SNAPS survey.

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