Academic Program Planning

CSU Baccalaureate Engineering Initiative

A review and improvement effort inviting faculty to expand high-quality, industry-responsive engineering programs to:

  • Serve increasing numbers of students
  • Integrate academic technology advances
  • Enhance teaching and learning strategies
  • Apply supportive policies that help students achieve degree completion more efficiently
  • Graduate students who are ready for employment in the rapidly-advancing engineering professions

CSU Engineering deans, working together to help to advance the Chancellor’s industry partnerships initiative, have begun a systemwide effort to engage CSU campuses in the review and possible reform of baccalaureate engineering programs. At issue are (1) how CSU programs can graduate enough engineers to serve California’s needs, and (2) how the CSU can best prepare graduates for engineering careers—by providing the full academic preparation required in a sufficiently timely manner that their education is fully relevant when they begin their careers in rapidly-evolving engineering fields. Importantly, addressing the latter issue would also respond to the expectation included in the Trustees’ Graduation Initiative that academic programs, wherever possible, consist of no more than 120 semester units/180 quarter units for graduation.

Guide to Relevant Policies (.pdf)

Sharing Innovations and Approaches
Program faculty are invited to share their work on this initiative, to benefit from what others find are effective, beneficial approaches to engineering education and to minimize duplication of program/curriculum development work, as appropriate.

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CSU Campus Engineering Program Innovations and Updates

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