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General Education: What Every Employer Wants

Chancellor Charles B. Reed
Charles B. Reed

"We held a series of meetings with agriculture, engineering, entertainment, biotech, teacher education, criminal justice, and tourism and hospitality."

"No matter the industry, we found similarities in the skills they wanted from our graduates."

"I kept hearing the same thing over and over again and that surprised me at first. What they wanted were employees who could:

  1. Come ready to work the first day on time
  2. Communicate and think critically
  3. Work in teams
  4. Use technology
  5. Speak multiple languages and
  6. Think and communicate globally

"In other words, they want employees with the kind of experience and opportunities that come from a CSU college education."

Chancellor Charles B. Reed
February 25, 2008

Chancellor's General Education Advisory Committee (GEAC)
GEAC includes faculty, administrators, and articulation officers from the CSU and California Community Colleges. It advises the Chancellor on policies connected to the statewide General Education-Breadth curriculum, a part of every CSU degree.

General Education inside the CSU: the GE Affinity Group
The GE Affinity Group is comprised of faculty and administrators from every CSU campus, who share an interest in developing and improving general education.

The CSU and LEAP: Give Students a Compass
The CSU is one of three state systems in the country to participate in The Compass Project, an AAC&U initiative to improve general education. It seeks to extend high impact educational practices, such as learning communities, study abroad, ePortfolios, service learning, and student research to a greater number of students, particularly those who are often underserved.

General Education and Transfer
Includes systemwide policy documents and area descriptors for articulation officers and community colleges. For other help preparing to transfer to the CSU, see
CSU Mentor.

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