Give Students a Compass


Give Students a Compass proceeds from these principles:

Principle See
The CSU is committed to developing the state’s first-class workforce.
Work and a full life in the 21st century require high order skills of creativity, problem solving, innovation, and teamwork – hallmarks of baccalaureate learning and general education.
California’s fastest growing populations are those that have historically had the lowest educational attainment.
The CSU has a responsibility to reduce this achievement gap for the sake of its students and the state’s future.
Educators can reduce the gap by bringing high-impact educational practices to lower-division general education, reaching at-risk students before they drop out.
High-impact general education must include traditionally underserved students and preserve the state’s vital transfer function.
The CSU GE Breadth Requirements are built around the framework of the four “Essential Learning Outcomes” drawn from the Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) campaign, an initiative of the Association of American Colleges and Universities.
Learning outcomes should be aligned across sectors and be the same for students who begin in the CSU and for those who transfer from community colleges or from other 4-year institutions.

Give Students a Compass looks to individual CSU and CCC campuses as incubators of good ideas for curriculum and pedagogy that improve essential learning for all students. The best system role is as a facilitator and connector—and to ensure that general education remains transferable statewide.