CSU Alumni

Affinity Partners

Businesses in a contractual relationship with a CSU campus alumni association to provide services to CSU alumni are known as affinity partners.

Campuses may review potential affinity partners on their own or may ask the Finance & Development Committee of the CSU Alumni Council to review a potential affinity partner and issue a recommendation.


Potential affinity partners wishing to be reviewed by the CSU Alumni Council should submit this form to begin the process.  Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from a staff member outlining the next steps.


Affinity partners are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The partnership serves the best interests of the university and its educational mission.
  • The product offers a good and unique value to our alumni.
  • The partnership reflects positively on the university’s image and reputation.
  • The agreement is compatible with the terms of other affinity agreements or sponsorships.
  • The agreement is in compliance with laws regarding CSU’s authority relating to affinity partnerships.
  • The agreement is in harmony with the Memorandum of Agreement between the association and the university president.


For additional information, please contact Aaron Moore.