CSU ADN to BSN Nursing Roadmaps

California State University ADN-to-BSN Nursing Roadmaps

Learn how to start with a California Community College associate degree in nursing (ADN) and complete a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) at the California State University. Completion of an ADN degree does not guarantee admission to a CSU BSN degree program.

Why Choose a BSN Degree Program?

  • Enhance your professional knowledge base
    Build on your professional experience, expand your professional opportunities, and change the way you think about nursing practice.
  • Expand your career opportunities
    Open the door to teaching, management, professional specialization, and advanced nursing degrees.
  • Improve your marketability
    Many hospitals seeking Magnet® status recruit BSN-trained nurses.
  • Compete for higher pay
    Qualify when higher-paying nursing jobs require a BSN degree and RN experience.