Accessible Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) Procurement Training 101

ATI Workshop

LAX Crowne Plaza

December 12, 2006

Accessible Technology

enabling IT hardware, software and services to be used effectively by people with disabilities.

Accessible Technology

Setting the Context: Who Benefits?

Part 1: Accessibility in E&IT

What is California Government Code 11135?

Cal. Gov. Code §11135(d)(2)

What is Section 508?

What is Section 508?

How does Section 508 apply to the CSU?

How Does Section 508 Apply to CSU?

Difference Between CA Law and Section 508

Gov. Code 11135 Section (c)(2)

law …”

Part 1: Section 508 Standards

Organization of Section 508

Definition of E&IT

Key Concepts for Standards

to Mainstream Technology

Technology to Expose Content and Functionality

Technical Standards-Subpart B

Technical Standards- Cont’d

Software & the Web- Key Concept

Telecommunication Products- Key Concept

Video and Multimedia Products- Key Concept

Video and Multimedia Products- Key Concept

Self-Contained, Closed Products- Key Concept

Desktop and Portable Computers- Key Concept

Information, Documentation & Support- Subpart D

Information, Documentation & Support

Functional Performance Criteria-Subpart C

Subpart C(a): Vision

Subpart C(b): Visual Acuity

Subpart C(c): Hearing

Subpart C(d): Audio Information

Subpart C(e): Speech

Subpart C(f): Motor Skills/Coordination

Application of Section 508 and Exemptions-Subpart A

-Undue Burden

-Commercial Availability

-Equivalent Facilitation

Undue Burden

Example of Undue Burden

President’s Office decides to purchase a computer program that generates maps denoting regional demographics. The cost of acquiring an accessible version of the program would exceed the entire Operating Budget for the campus. This cost would be considered an undue burden. If the President’s Office is to claim an undue burden so that it can procure the inaccessible version, it must document that exception, obtain the approval and signature of the official charged with making 508 exceptions and be prepared to provide the map demographic information in an alternative manner to users with disabilities.

Fundamental Alteration Exception

Fundamental Alteration Example:

The campus facilities department needs pocket-sized pagers for the groundskeepers. Adding a large display to a small pager may fundamentally alter the device by significantly changing its size so that it no longer meets the purpose it was intended- to be a communication device that fits in a shirt or jacket pocket for portability.

Commercial Availability

Commercial Availability

Commercial Availability Example

Commercial Availability Example

Equivalent Facilitation

Equivalent Facilitation Example

An information kiosk that is not accessible to a person who is blind might be made accessible by incorporating a telephone handset connected to a computer that responds to touchtone commands and delivers the same information audibly that is provided on the screen.

Other Section 508 Exceptions

E&IT involves

Other Section 508 Exceptions

E&IT involves

Back Office Exception Example

CA Gov’t Code 11135 Exception

Part 3: VPATs and How to Request Accessibility Information from Vendors

Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates

VPAT Organization:

1. Summary Table

2. Subpart B Technical Standard

3. Subpart C Functional Performance Standard

4. Subpart D Information, Documentation and Support


How Does a Vendor Fill Out a VPAT?

CSU Use of VPATs


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