Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)


Script for 2008 Convocation segment introducing video from Justice Carlos R. Moreno

"Within the California State University system, we take great pride that our university makes a college education possible for students who come from families that do not take higher education for granted. We also take pride in our diversity. We include students with disabilities as an important aspect of our diversity, and we have developed policies and programs to ensure that our university identifies and removes barriers to their education.

The Accessible Technology Initiative is in place because of our commitment that all of the technology that is used by students, faculty, staff and the public will be accessible by 2012. We have decided that we must be pro-active in applying principles of Universal Design to the technology that we purchase, design and use. We can no longer wait for the student with a disability to attend the first day of class before we remove barriers that make technology or instruction inaccessible. This year, instructional materials for new courses as well as new materials for all courses, are required to be in accessible formats. All faculty and instructors will be involved in the implementation of this goal. Resources such as tools and training modules that will help you are in development. Our culture must shift as each one of us learns new techniques and skills in creating a truly inclusive teaching and learning environment.

The Accessible Technology Initiative places us in a leadership position in higher education. Other colleges and universities will follow our lead and will benefit from the methods we develop to implement its requirements. Our leadership has attracted the attention of people from outside the CSU system. Please join me in watching a short video from California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno commending us for our efforts.