Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

Tips & Tutorials — Creating Accessible Content

How do I create accessible eLearning materials?

There are many good resources available; these two were selected because of the ease of use and practical hands-on approach.

Access eLearning

Access eLearning is a free, online ten-module tutorial that offers information, instructional techniques, and practice labs on how to make the most common needs in distance education accessible for individuals with disabilities, and enhance the usability of online materials for all students. This tutorial was developed by the Georgia Tech Research on Accessible Distance Education Project (GRADE) in partnership with IDET Communication Inc.(IDET).

It requires registration the first time and allows saving a location in the tutorial so you can continue at the same location when you enter the tutorial again.

The 10 modules are:

  1. Accessibility Issues of Disabilities in Distance Education
  2. Planning for Accessibility in Distance Education
  3. Making PowerPoint Slides Accessible
  4. Making Video Accessible
  5. Making Flash Accessible
  6. Making Word Documents Accessible
  7. Making Excel Documents Accessible
  8. Making PDF Documents Accessible
  9. Making Webpages Accessible
  10. Making Scripts and Java Accessible


WebAim has provided comprehensive Web accessibility solutions since 1999. These years of experience have made WebAIM one of the leading providers of Web accessibility expertise internationally. WebAIM is a non-profit organization within the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University.