Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

"From Where I Sit" Video Series

Handout A

Ten Most Common Student Suggestions: To Ensure Equal Academic Opportunities

  1. Make textbook decisions as early as possible but certainly prior to the required campus book adoption date.
  2. Allow students to choose their seat locations and change these locations if necessary.
  3. Prepare and distribute instructional materials and lecture outline--including posting these materials in an accessible format online--prior to the class in order to facilitate learning.
  4. Show only videos that have been closed-captioned.
  5. Ensure inclusiveness in the classroom and discourage stereotypical behavior.
  6. Explain the goals and objectives of the class at the first session.
  7. Use multiple methods to present your material such as visual aids to accompany lectures.
  8. Provide alternate ways to demonstrate knowledge of content.
  9. Be open to communicating with students about their learning styles.
  10. Remove physical barriers where possible.

It is essential that all students be held to the same academic standards.