Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

Instructional Materials



The California State University is committed to ensuring that all campus Information Resources and Technologies are fully accessible for persons with disabilities. This commitment reflects a goal to provide the most effective learning environment for all students--rather than simply to ensure compliance with various federal and state laws.

Instructional Materials (IM) are considered to be forms of communication and must therefore be delivered in a manner that is equally effective for persons with disabilities. Communication is considered to be equally effective when it is:

  • comparable in quality to those received by students without disabilities
  • comparable in timeliness of delivery and availability
  • provided in a manner and medium appropriate to the significance of the message and the abilities of the person receiving the material


Each campus will establish and maintain an Instructional Materials Accessibility Plan (IMAP) that addresses the specific actions to be taken by the campus for the following goals:

  1. Timely adoption of textbooks and other instructional materials by faculty
  2. Ensuring selection/ordering of textbooks and other insturctional materials courses with late-hired faculty
  3. Early identification of students with disabilities who require modified instructional materials
  4. Use of the campus learning management system for posting all required curricular and instructional resources
  5. Incorporation of accessible E&IT procurement requirements when purchasing multimedia instructional materials
  6. Incorporation of accessibility requirements for curricular review and approval
  7. Alignment of academic technology resources to assist faculty in the creation of technology-enabled courses
  8. Communication and training processes to educate students, staff, and faculty about the campus IMAP
  9. Establishment of process indicators which demonstrate that the IMAP committee has sufficient breadth, resources, and authority to effectively implement the ATI goals


The CSU has established the ATI Professional Development site to aggregate resources related to Instructional Materials accessibility. Visit this site for training materials, tools, and promising practices.