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At their September 14-15  2017 Plenary, the ASCSU approved several resolutions.  Summaries of these are provided below

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Resolution Summaries

Cessation of Implied Equivalency of General Education (GE) Area B4 for Intermediate Algebra
Approved by Acclamation

The Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) honors the memory of Dr. Leonard “Len” Mathy, first chair of the ASCSU, for the formative role he played in the establishment of a culture of shared governance in the CSU.

In Support of the Preservation and Extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program
The Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) reaffirms AS-3279-17/FGA Support for the Letter to President Trump from the Leaders of California’s Systems of Higher Education About the Continuance of DACA and AS-3287-17/FA (Rev) In Support of Students Admitted to the CSU Under Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals.


Additionally, the Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) reaffirms its support for steps taken by the CSU central administration, its campuses, and other members of the CSU community to ensure that DACA students continue to have access to higher education opportunities in the CSU, it supports the actions taken by members of the California State Legislature to do so, and encourages California U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives to draft and pass federal legislation that provides DACA protections.

On the Development and Implementation of Executive Orders 1100 (Revised) and 1110


The Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) objects to the severely constrained timeline and flawed consultation process surrounding EO 1100 (revised) and EO 1110, urges Chancellor White to put them into abeyance and defer their implementation date until, at earliest, Fall 2019. The ASCSU further requests that, before any future implementation, the Chancellor’s Office engage in datadriven and genuine consultation with faculty, which would include:


  • analysis of the costs of wholesale modification of the GE and academic preparation portions of the curriculum;
  • analysis of the effect on campus-level resource allocation and its impact on specific programs such as ethnic and cultural diversity studies;
  • ensuring that multiple measures are used to assess foundational quantitative reasoning proficiency as called for in EO 1110;
  • reinstating the recently lifted moratorium on changes in ethnic studies programs and departments until at least Fall 2019;
  • collaboration between the Chancellor’s Office and the ASCSU in developing a plan for monitoring the efficacy of the changes in General Education and academic preparation curricula.


Support for AB-19 (2017) Community Colleges:  California College Promise
Approved Without Dissent

That the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) urges Governor Brown to approve AB-19 (2017) Community Colleges: California College Promise, which would allow community colleges to waive fees for one year for first-time students enrolled in 12 or more semester units, or their equivalent.


The full text of ASCSU resolutions is available here.



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