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Kevin Baaske (Los Angeles), Chair of GEAC
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The Chancellor’s General Education Advisory Committee met on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.  It was a very productive meeting.


We appreciate the opportunity to meet with Karen Simpson-Alisca (Assistant Director, Undergraduate Transfer Programs and Programs, Office of the Chancellor) about the existing Transfer Model Curricula established under SB 1440 and the potential effect to these TMCs from the impending changes to Math 110.  We also met with Quajuana Chapman (Curriculum and Articulation Assistant, Office of the Chancellor) regarding CSU GE Breadth & ITGETC.


While there were issues on our agenda carried over from last year and new charges from Chancellor White, the Committee spent nearly all of its time discussing Executive Order 1100 and Executive Order 1110.


Faculty members from the CSU and from the California Community Colleges, along with Articulation Officers and members of Academic Affairs from both systems expressed concern with the Executive Orders (EOs).  A motion to have the Chair of GEAC write a letter request delay in the implementation of both EOs passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Baaske, Chair General Education Advisory Committee

ASCSU Senator and Faculty at CSU L.A.