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Report of the Faculty Trustee September 2017

Steven Stepanek, Faculty Trustee (Northridge)

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Why the Need for Urgent Change?
Recently, there have been extensive campus and system discussions regarding Executive Order (EO) 1100 (revised) and EO 1110.  What is driving the need for these changes and the sense of urgency to implement the changes in a relatively short time span?

When the California State Budget Act of 2017-2018 became law in July, it contained language requiring the CSU Board of Trustees to adopt policy changes in three areas:


Developmental Education Policy

The Board of Trustees is to change university policies and practices by May 1, 2018 related to placement of freshmen and transfer students in remedial or developmental programs and activities.


Student Application Redirection Policy

By May 1, 2018, the Board of Trustees is to approve a policy to redirect student applications to non-impacted CSU programs or campuses if students meet the minimum system-wide qualifications but are denied admission to impacted programs or campuses.


Local Admission Area Student Priority Policy

The Board of Trustees is to approve a policy by May 16, 2018 that requires campuses to provide first priority in admission to impacted programs to local students who meet minimum system-wide qualifications.


EO 1110 falls under the first directive for the system to rethink and reduce the need for CSU students to take non-university credit courses in English composition and in mathematics.  Prior to the release of EO 1110, many CSU campuses were already exploring the replacement of non-university credit bearing developmental courses with credit bearing stretch courses.  Campus experiments are also underway allowing alternative ways to satisfy the college math requirement through statistical courses that do not require intermediate algebra.  Now there is a requirement that by May 1, 2018, the CSU Board must have approved a new policy regarding remediation.  Such a policy will require a first reading during the January 2018 Board meeting so a vote can occur during the March 2018 Board meeting.  Because of the current controversy regarding both EO 1100 (revised) and EO 1110, I requested during the September 2017 Board meeting that a discussion of the issues regarding these EO’s be placed on the agenda of the November 2017 Board meeting.


The revised EO 1100 falls under a combination of the first directive (the clause regarding transfer students), the Graduation Initiative 2025, and expressed concerns of various state legislators regarding general education transfer issues when a student is transferring either from a California community college to the CSU or from one CSU campus to another CSU campus.  This EO seeks to clarify the transfer credit process for general education courses by providing more uniformity to the campus structures adopted to satisfy CSU general education requirements.  The Chancellor’s Office has stated that this revised EO is a clarification of existing policy but the reality is that the enforcement of existing policy has been lax for a number of years.  Again, discussion of this EO will occur during the November 2017 Board meeting.


Although we are under state directives to improve our practices regarding developmental activities and general education transfer, these are academic issues that require time, through the proper faculty governance processes, for pedagogically sound solutions to be designed and implemented.  I wish to direct you to ASCSU resolution AS-3304-17/FGA/AA/APEP for the position the Academic Senate CSU has taken regarding these two executive orders.


The other two state budget directives pertain to how we select students for admission and what happens when an admission eligible student is denied entry to an impacted campus or program.  A discussion of the current policies regarding admission occurred during the November 2017 Board meeting and proposed changes will be discussed during upcoming Board meetings.


My full reports on Board of Trustee meetings can be found at: