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Our September meeting was busy and a bit convoluted as our 17-18 Chair requested that members assist him with how the work of the committee has been handled over the past few years.  We reviewed the committee charge and discussed 16-17 activities with an eye toward continuing what worked.  Local legislative office visits were seen as productive and we agreed to continue those this year.  FGA members will be engaging in local office visits with legislators in their districts over the course of the fall semester.  We also talked through a recap of the Spring 17 Lobby Day.  FGA believes that our visits with elected officials and members of State Administration were effective and that our conversations had some influence on pending legislation and the senate budget allocation. 


We agreed to an APEP request to cosponsor a resolution asking the Governor to sign AB 19.  That bill is presently sitting on Governor Brown’s desk awaiting resolution.


FGA members discussed the challenges our Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students face, pending California legislation and the federal administration stance on DACA and opted to craft a resolution in support of the preservation and extension of DACA.


Planning for the annual Spring Lobby Day will begin in earnest at our November meeting.


Christian Osmena (Department of Finance) joined the meeting by phone to share the state administration’s perspective on state revenues and CSU budget for the next few years.  The State seems to be signaling that CSU might expect a 3% increase in state appropriations next year, likely coupled with enrollment growth.


Ryan Storm also joined us by phone to share early thoughts on the CSU 18-19 budget proposal.  Storm reported that while estimates vary CSU’s best guess at this point is that state revenue growth may be in 4-5% range.


California Faculty Association (CFA) President Jennifer Eagan joined us to provide CFA’s take on the budget agreement and give us an update on CFA’s legislative work.  There was some discussion of the need to find common ground across the political spectrum.


At the behest of the Executive Committee, FGA devoted significant time to the recently issued Executive Orders (EO) 1100 (revised) and 1110.   FGA worked in concert with APEP and AA to craft a resolution addressing the shortcomings of the process and ill effects of the mandated implementation scheme for the EOs.  As the plenary proceeded FGA worked with FA, AA and APEP to find a common position across all the standing committees.  While that effort was ultimately not successful an amended version of the resolution was approved.



For more information, please contact Fiscal & Governmental Affairs Committee Chair, Steven Filling