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The Faculty Affairs Committee met on September 13, 2017 in Long Beach to begin the new academic year.  The committee was joined by its liaison, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Research Dr. Ganesh Raman. The committee had a speaker from Human Resources and one from the California Faculty Assocation (CFA).  Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Human Resources, Margaret Merryfield introduced a new employee, Carl Fischer who will assist with department chair and faculty development programs.  Research is being done on affordable housing options for new faculty in the high-cost areas.  She also brought up food and housing insecurity for faculty and staff.  CFA President, Jennifer Eagan discussed supporting AB 21 which creates supports for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students.  Bargaining on our collective bargaining agreement start tomorrow and CFA will discuss increasing salary and protecting benefits, workload, safety, academic freedom and intellectual property (IP).  She reminded us that Article 39 provides significant protection for faculty IP.  She also discussed the “Free” higher education programs popping up across the nation.


The committee set out several issues to explore this year. They included watching any proposed changes in Intellectual Property and Academic Freedom policies.  Free speech was discussed with confusion about the line between protected free speech and harassment. The committee members are anxiously awaiting the report from the Tenure Density Task Force.  Concerns remain about the work environment for many temporary faculty who may do their jobs without office space.  Online teaching will be discussed with a focus on workload issues, who decides on online delivery and training needs.


Finally, the committee was very worried about the damage of rushed policy changes and plans to collect data measuring any damage resulting from the two rushed Executive Orders affecting all campuses this semester.  The Graduation Initiative does not seem student-friendly.  Many of our students feel that they shouldn’t have to rush through or limit themselves to 120 units. Is an effort that was not requested by students is really student centered?



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