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Thomas Krabacher (Sacramento)

The start of 2017 brought with it the beginning of both the 2017-2018 legislative session and the 2017-2018 budget process in California’s Capitol.   This year, as in the past, both of these are likely to be closely interconnected.


The 2017-2018 California Legislature reflects the outcome of the 2016 elections, and results are particularly significant for the CSU.  The current Legislature, for the first time, fully reflects the impact of the new, longer term limits approved a few years ago. Members may now serve for up to twelve years in each house and this provides for more stability, particularly in the Assembly with its shorter 2-year terms. This is important, given that the more frequent turnover of legislators in the past had frequently meant a loss of experience and institutional memory, particularly when it came to dealing with matters related to California higher education. Members now will have the time to develop greater familiarity with the complexities of higher education policy in general and the CSU in particular. It also means that it will be important for both the CSU and the Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) to develop good working relationships with new members of the Legislature since we are likely to be working with many of them for the next decade or longer. (See the Fiscal & Governmental Affairs Committee report in this Newsletter for actions currently underway in this regard.


The CSU Budget 

In mid-January the Governor submitted his proposal for the 2017-2018 state budget, which included $157 million increase for the CSU. The increase is in line with the multi-year funding sustainability plan the Governor committed to for the CSU after the passage of Proposition 30 in 2012.  Though much appreciated, the increase nonetheless falls well short of the $346 million requested by the CSU Board of Trustees as necessary to fully find the CSU. (Again, see the Fiscal & Governmental Affairs Committee report for a more detailed look at the 2017-18 budget.)   As a result, the ASCSU is currently working as part of a larger coordinated effort by various stakeholder groups – the CSU, California Faculty Association (CFA), California State Student Association (CSSA), California State University Employees' Union (CSUEU), and the CSU Alumni Association – to advocate in the Legislature for a budget augmentation to fully fund the CSU’s 2017-2018 request.


Legislative Activity

February 17th was the deadline for the introduction of bills to be considered in the 2017 legislative session and by that date over 1600 bills had been introduced.  At the time of this writing, bills are currently being heard in the relevant policy committees in their respective houses, after which they will move on to consideration by the fiscal committees in May. ASCSU, at its March plenary (as in previous years), adopted a set of bill priorities, to guide ASCSU advocacy in this regard.  These are summarized in the accompanying table. 


Finally, beginning in early March both the Senate and Assembly budget committees began hearings on California’s 2017-2018 higher education budget; the hearing will continue into late April.  At this point it seems clear that, for the Legislature, any augmentation to the CSU budget will be closely tied to the University’s performance in key areas including affordability, remediation, and graduation rates.


The next Capitol Watch will provide further details on these subject as events unfold.



Bill Author


ASCSU position

ASCSU Priority Bills

SB 803


Postsecondary Education: Graduation Initiative Grant Program

Oppose unless amended

AB 422


California State University: Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Program


AB 1464


California State University: Tenure-Track Positions

Support in Concept

AB 95

Jones-Sawyer, Jr.

California State University: Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program

Oppose unless amended

AB 393


Postsecondary Education: Mandatory Systemwide Fees and Tuition

Oppose unless amended

AB 394


California State University:  Assessment and Course Placement of Admitted Students

Oppose unless amended

Senate Bills

SB 1


Transportation Funding


SB 54

De León

Law Enforcement: Sharing Data on immigration Status

Support in Concept

SB 244


Disclosure of Personal Information by State Agencies

Support in Concept

SB 307


Public Postsecondary Education: Student Housing Insecurity and Homelessness


SB 319


Public Postsecondary Education: Remedial Coursework


SB 483

Glazer, Allen

Education Finance:  Higher Education Facilities Bond Act of 2018


SB 577


Community College Districts:  Teacher Credentialing Programs


SB 769


Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program


Assembly bills

AB 1


CSU:  Transportation Research & Education Funding


AB 10


Feminine Hygiene Products in Public and Private Schools

Support in Concept

AB 17


Student Transit Passes

Support in Concept

AB 21


CSU: Confidentiality of Information on Immigration Status

Support in Concept

AB 172


Postsecondary Education: Residency classification for dependents of armed forces members

Support in Concept

AB 214


Postsecondary Education:  Student Hunger

Support in Concept

AB 217


Office of Higher Education Performance and Accountability

Support in Concept

AB 405


Community College Districts:  Baccalaureate Degree Cybersecurity Pilot Program


AB 847


Academic Senate: Membership Rosters

Oppose unless amended

AB 957


Postsecondary education: higher education regional workforce coordination

Oppose unless amended

AB 1038

Bonta, Chiu, Gomez

Higher Education Policy (Creation of commission tuition-free public higher education)

Support in Concept

AB 1062

Lev ine

Tustees of the California State University


AB 1306


California Cybersecurity Integration Center

Support in Concept

AB 1307


Public Postsecondary Education: Examption from Non-resident Tuition

Support in Concept


SCA  10


Public Employee Retirement Benefits





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