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The Faculty Affairs Committee received reports from both Chancellor’s Office liaisons.  First, Dr. Ganesh Raman, updated us on grant programs and discussed the link between tenure density and research productivity.  Later at the request of the Faculty Affairs Committee’s other liaison, Dr. Gerry Hanley, Dr. Leslie Kennedy discussed the role of the Chancellor’s office in assisting with the contracting process with lecture capture providers along with upcoming changes to the library system. Our committee requested assistance in ensuring that faculty intellectual property concerns would be reflected in future vendor screening criteria.


After lunch the committee was joined by California Faculty Association (CFA) leader, Andrew Merrifield after lunch. The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, Margy Merryfield also met with the committee to discuss the latest developments.


Led by Senator Davis the Faculty Affairs committee incorporated the feedback from the first reading of AS-3277-16/FA (Rev) Lactation Resource Policy and Practices in the California State University and this effort led to the passage of the resolution in the plenary meeting.  Senator Foroohar revised AS- AS-3276-16/FA (Rev) Academic Freedom Policy in a masterful way, culminating in an uncontentious passing of the resolution in its second reading at the ASCSU plenary.  The committee eagerly awaits statements from Chancellor on the proposed policy and is hopeful that CFA will support moving forward with the recommended changes, as well. 


The committee worked on three new resolutions that made it to the plenary for their first reading.  In light of the changes resulting from the recent election, the committee drafted AS-3287-17/FA Resolution in Support of Students Admitted to the CSU under DACA.  Senator Gubernat, nearly single-handedly drafted resolution AS-3285-17/FA Saving California’s Master Plan Through Tax Reform in response to a new movement to mobilize efforts to properly fund higher education in California.  As a step towards better supporting some of our system’s most vulnerable faculty members, Senators Yudelson and Sabalius finished their work on AS-3283-17/FA Employment Security for Contingent Faculty, Librarian, Coaches and Counselors.



For more information, please contact Faculty Affairs Committee ChairThomas Norman