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The Academic Affairs Committee had a productive and engaging meeting in which we discussed several interesting topics and submitted  three resolutions for consideration at the plenary.   Our first resolution served as a commendation for the Summer 2016 Institute as  well as a request for continued funding for this important professional development opportunity.   The CSU Institute of Teaching and Learning’s (ITL) Summer Institute is simply outstanding, is one of two professional development opportunities for faculty, and is more critical than ever as faculty strive to incorporate effective teaching strategies into their courses. This resolution passed unanimously.

We also introduced two other resolutions; one with a waiver of first reading as it was time critical and a second was introduced as a first reading item.  Our resolution regarding advice for the tenure density task force, received a first-reading waiver as the task force is concluding their work.  Included among the ideas presented in this resolution was the goal of setting campus targets for both total number of tenure track faculty and tenure density (number of tenure track faculty/total faculty). This resolution also passed unanimously.


A final resolution was introduced as a first reading item.  This much needed resolution highlights the importance of graduate education in the CSU, especially with regard to the CSU Graduation Initiative 2025.   Past ASCSU resolutions as well as Chancellor’s Office (CO) reports on graduate education were reviewed and the resolution then asked for a task force to implement recommendations from these documents.   During this time now,  between the first and second reading, we ask for your feedback on this important resolution.


We also continue our non-resolution work.  We had discussions with Chris Mallon on potential changes to Executive Order (EO) 1100: General Education Breadth Requirements, on which the CO is seeking input.  We also discussed the importance of the CSU Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) and may present a resolution in support of this valuable program at the March plenary.  The issues of grading (C/C-) and transfer in the Golden Four is still under discussion.  The ASCSU passed a resolution, generated from our committee, that we hoped provided a solution, however, it did not. At this stage, a C- grade is passing in the Golden Four General Education requirements.  Finally, we continue our discussion in advocating for discipline councils. Past ASCSU resolutions have spoken to the importance of these disciplinary groups.  Indeed, both the English and Math Councils have made valuable contributions to important CSU policies.  Executive Vice Chancellor Blanchard has asked us for more information and we are responding to his questions and continuing to move forward in our advocacy for these important disciplinary groups.


As always, the ASCSU Academic Affairs committee welcomes any and all feedback you may have for our committee to consider.  Please feel free to offer suggestions both on our pending resolutions as well as other issues that we should consider during this academic year.



For more information, please contact Academic Affairs Committee ChairJodie Ullman