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Resolution Summaries

At their May 19th-20th 2016 Plenary, the ASCSU approved several resolutions.  Summaries of these are provided by Sonoma State University Senator Catherine Nelson

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Resolution Summaries

Resolution Regarding Evaluation of Online Teaching
AS-3250-16/FGA (Rev)

Approved Without Dissent

This resolution recommends that the ASCSU, in conjunction with the Chancellor’s Office of Academic Technology review the 2012 ASCSU and 2014 California State Student Association (CSSA) reports on the use of online teaching, with respect to testing efficacy and cost effectiveness, and recommend to campuses that they:  a) develop a campus-wide database of students and faculty involved in online courses, for comparison with the general population of students, faculty and courses; b) include both demographic and non-demographic information (e.g. hours worked, commute time, faculty rank, course section enrollment at census and online format) in those data; and c) in conjunction with the Chancellor’s Office of Academic Technology aggregate such information across the 23 campuses to provide systemwide data to drive decisions concerning online teaching.

The resolution recommends that campuses use the data to assess the desirability of establishing student qualifications for taking fully online courses, and potential limits on the number of fully online courses a student may take.  The resolution also recommends that campuses use the data to assess the desirability of establishing protocols for offering face-to-face or hybrid equivalent classes for each fully online course offered, and placing size limits on fully on-line courses to match the size of the corresponding face-to-face class.

In Support of Increased Funding for the Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities (RSCA) Program
AS-3251-16/FA (Rev)
This resolution urges the Chancellor’s to increase funding for the RSCA program to a level commensurate with the original intent behind the program, the recognized value of faculty and student research as a significant factor in the quality of education, the amount of external funding faculty research brings to the CSU and the fact that lecturers, as well as tenure-track faculty, are now eligible to receive RSCA funding.

Academic Senate of the CSU Calendar of 2016-2017 Meetings
AS-3252-16/EX (Rev)
This resolution is self-explanatory.

Call for a Center for Advancement of Instruction in Mathematics
Approved Unanimously

This resolution encourages the CSU to establish a center to support mathematics instruction, analogous to the CSU Center for the Advancement for Reading (CAR).  The resolution recommends that the center’s responsibilities include: a) development of a fourth year high-school mathematics course analogous to the Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC); b) professional development for, and evaluation of, the fourth-year mathematics course; c) professional development in mathematics/quantitative reasoning instruction; and d) policy alignment in matters affecting mathematics curriculum and instruction.

Basic Subject Courses and the Grade of C-
Without Dissent
Executive Order (EO) 1100 “General Education Breadth Requirements” set the parameters for General Education requirements in the CSU.  In Section 2.2.2, the EO sets a minimum grade of “C” for satisfactory completion of the “Golden Four” basic subject General Education (GE) courses, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning and written and oral communication. The “C” requirement was included at the ASCSU’s request made in AS-3020-11/APEP/AA (Rev) Grade Minima for CSU General Education Courses in the “Golden Four”.  In April 2016, the division of Academic and Student Affairs, after consultation with the CSU General Counsel, issued Coded Memorandum ASA-2016-08 “Basic Subjects and the Grade of C-”.  The memo asserts that the literal intention of Section 2.2.2 cannot be evenly enforced, especially in the area of transfer, because of equity issues arising from the different grading modes (+/- vs. no +/-) used by CSU campuses and other universities where students may take courses they wish to transfer to the CSU.  The resolution expresses grave concern that the memo was issued without consultation with, or formal notification to, the ASCSU.  It also expresses grave concern that a CSU General Counsel’s legal interpretation obviated the need for faculty consultation in a policy area that has a direct bearing on curricular concerns. The resolution also calls for a Summer 2016 working group to consider alternative viable solutions to those proposed in ASA-2016-08.

Commendation in Honor of Lou Monville
Approved by Acclamation

This resolution is a commendation for Lou Monville, outgoing Chair of the CSU Board of Trustees.  He is leaving the Board after ten years of service.

The Role of Faculty and Campus Academic Senates in Recommending Campus Strategic Plans
Approved Without Dissent

This resolution is in response to concern about shared governance practices at CSU Stanislaus regarding the creation/revision of a campus strategic plan.  It calls upon all CSU campus administrations to honor and reaffirm the authority of faculty in the creation, revision or affirmation of strategic plans in keeping with the principles and practices of shared governance, in particular those codified in campus policies.  It also urges CSU Presidents and Presidents’ Offices to advocate for and follow the policies and procedures that promote and ensure shared governance.

Commendations were offered for the following Senators ending their service on the ASCSU

Bill Eadie (San Diego); Diana W. Guerin (Fullerton); Loretta Kensinger (Fresno); Deborah Roberts (Sonoma); and Francelina A. Neto (Pomona). A Commendation was also offered for outgoing ASCSU Chair, Steven Filling

The full text of ASCSU resolutions is available here.

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