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CSU ERFA held its Spring State Council meeting in San Jose on April 23, 2016.  Seventeen campuses sent delegations. The Association wishes to thank the San Jose chapter and campus representatives for their hospitality and assistance with local arrangements. Some highlights of the meeting follow.
The Council was addressed by video link by Professor Rashida Crutchield of Long Beach State on a study she has been carrying out on behalf of the Chancellor, of CSU students who are homeless and/or food insecure. She estimates that about 20% of our students are food insecure; and about 10% lack permanent housing. A number of campuses have programs in place to address these concerns, and more campuses are studying their local students to see how best to help them.
The Council was addressed by audio link by Garrett Ashley, CSU Vice Chancellor, University Relations and Advancement, and Chancellor’s Office liaison to CSUERFA. He discussed the many facets of the CSU’s advancement programs, and how emeriti and retired faculty might help.
The Council received the regular reports of its committees, and heard from Retiree Senator Pasternack on the activities of the ASCSU. The next issue of The Reporter will carry a number of articles on the Council meeting.
Personnel actions reported to the Council, and in some cases confirmed by the Council, included the following:
  • Melanie Mamakos as Office Manager,
  • Tom Donahue (San Diego) and Henry Reichman (East Bay) as members-at-large of the Executive Committee,
  • Leni Cook (Dominguez Hills) as CFA liaison,
  • Harold Goldwhite (Los Angeles) as ASCSU liaison,
  • Harold Goldwhite (Los Angeles) as Executive Director.


For more information about the Association, see CSU ERFA's website at