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The Academic Affairs Committee had a productive meeting in May. I especially want to thank my ASCSU colleagues on the committee. Throughout this past year, they worked hard and sorted through innumerable tangled and complex issues with grace, integrity and humor.  Thanks also to our Chancellor’s Office (CO) liaisons Christine Mallon, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Programs and Faculty Development and Ken O’Donnell, Senior Director, Student Engagement and Academic Initiatives and Partnerships, and our guests at our May meeting, Eric Forbes, Assistant Vice Chancellor Student Academic Support and Ed Sullivan, Assistant Vice Chancellor Academic Research and Resources.

We spent a significant amount of time on Coded Memo ASA-2016-08 “Basic Subjects and the Grade of C-.”  The memo changes the minimum grade in the General Education (GE) “Golden Four” (critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, written and oral communication) from a C to a C-, on the grounds that the existing C standard in Executive Order (EO) 1100 cannot be applied equitably, particularly for transfer purposes.   The Committee’s major concerns were that the decision was made without consultation with, or formal notification to, the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) and that consultation with the General Counsel obviated the need for faculty consultation in a policy area that clearly falls within the purview of faculty.  Our conversation about the matter with Assistant Vice Chancellors Forbes and Sullivan, and our CO liaisons, informed the resolution we brought to the plenary, AS-3254-16/AA Regarding Coded Memorandum ASA-2016-8 "Basic Subject Courses and the Grade of C-".  We are gratified that the resolution passed the full Senate on a first reading/waiver.


In addition to the coded memo, we discussed a potential resolution on funding for the CSU Libraries Electronic Core Collection.  The Committee is in full support of increased funding for library collections, but needed more time to research the issue before bringing a resolution to the plenary.


We also had updates from our CO liaisons regarding California Community College (CCC) BA degrees, legislative efforts to create a CSU Doctorate of Audiology degree, policies regarding exceptions to required study abroad requirements, federal degree reporting requirements, the Quantitative Reasoning Task Force and a trend in Transfer Model Curricula (TMC) to broader areas such as Law and Public Policy. ASCSU Chair Filling provided us with an update on the Executive Committee’s activities.


For more information, please contact Academic Affairs Committee ChairCatherine Nelson