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The ASCSU passed these resolutions and commendations during its May 15-16, 2014 plenary session. All can be accessed in full at the ASCSU website. Briefly, they are as follow

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Advice Regarding Unit Limit Exception Requests
AS-3166-13/14. Approved unanimously
Reaffirms the earlier recommendation (AS-3158-14/AA) urging the Board of Trustees to amend Title 5 to re-establish appropriate unit limits for engineering degrees. In the past, Title 5 set the unit limit for engineering at 140 semester units. Board action reduced the limit for all BA/BS degrees to 120 semester units. The ASCSU recommends engineering degrees be limited to 132 units, consistent with other program exceptions currently included in Title 5.

Although Title 5 permits exception requests to the 120-unit limit, consultation with campuses showed that requests were not permitted to go forward from some campuses. In other cases, a different unit limit was set at the campus for exception requests. Although some campuses submitted exception requests over a year ago, the ASCSU knows of none having been granted. The resolution provides advice on the review of exception requests.

Creation of California State University Discipline Councils
AS-3167-14/APEP/AA. Approved unanimously
Urges the Chancellor’s Office to facilitate formation of academic discipline councils to support intra- and inter-system efforts, such as SB 1440 transfer degrees, the Early Start program, and CourseMatch. Meetings of such councils can also enable the sharing of best practices beyond curriculum, such as facilities, equipment, safety, and faculty recruitment.

Designation and Compilation of Course Modalities
AS-3169-14/AA. Approved unanimously
Recommends that a modality designation be attached to every course taught in the CSU by Fall 2016. An array of instructional modalities is now used in the CSU. Additionally, the CourseMatch program and the increasing availability of online courses in the CSU facilitate greater numbers of students taking courses at CSU campuses other than their own. Six designations are suggested, based on a review of existing campus policies and practices.

Recommendations Regarding Changes to Title 5, Section 40510, The Master’s Degree
AS3171-14/AA. Approved unanimously 
Endorses the following proposed changes to Title 5: 70% of units toward a master’s degree in the CSU are required to be taken in residence; 60% of units applied to the degree must be in courses “designated primarily for graduate study, with an eye toward insuring the rigor of master’s degrees in the CSU.

In Support of AB 2324 (Williams) Pertaining to CSU Faculty Trustee
AS-3172-14/EX. Approved unanimously
Supports legislation providing for a holdover appointment for a faculty trustee should a successor faculty trustee not be appointed at the end of the former trustee’s term and encourages members of the wider CSU community to support the legislation as it moves forward.

Eligibility Status for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Awards
AS-3173-14/FA (Rev). Approved unanimously 
Commends the Board of Trustees for reinstatement of the RSCA program and encourages campuses to make faculty of all ranks (lecturers, assistant, associate, and full professors) eligible for the awards.

ASCSU Calendar of 2014-15 Meetings
AS-3174-14/EX. Approved without dissent 
See calendar dates in this issue of the newsletter.

Formation of a Task Force to Review the Role of Student Success Fees across California State University Campuses
AS-3175-14/FGA. First reading waived; approved unanimously 
Identifies a number of concerns identified throughout the system about campus-based student success fees and advocates formation of a task force to undertake a system-wide assessment of the role of such fees, including review of Executive Order 1054, California University Fee Policy.

Request for Annual Progress Report on Access to Excellence Strategic Plan through 2018
AS-3178-14/EX. First reading waived; approved unanimously 
Recommends an annual assessment of progress made toward achieving each of the eight goals/commitments as adopted in the plan by the Board of Trustees in 2008 through using an appropriate number of performance indicators selected in consultation with faculty.

The following commendations were passed by acclamation: