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In 2012, with the goal of increasing faculty adoption of high-quality, affordable, or free textbooks, the California state legislature directed the state’s public higher education systems to create an online library of open educational resources and textbooks.

Now faculty from the UC, CSU, and CCC systems are collaborating on the newly-established California Open Education Resources Council ( to review textbooks for inclusion in the new California Open Online Library (COOL). Funding for COERC and COOL comes from the state, as mandated by SB 1052 and SB 1053, and from a matching grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

The project will begin with the development of a showcase collection of existing high-quality and reliably available open textbooks for strategic courses in the UC, CSU, and the CCCs. The initial set of courses, which are aligned through C-ID (Course Identification Numbering System []), includes: Intro to Chemistry, Public Speaking, Principles of Microeconomics, US History to 1877, and Introduction to Statistics. COERC has located appropriate textbooks for these courses, designed review and feedback processes, and established a communication and outreach strategy to increase faculty adoption of COOL’s offerings.

Faculty Survey: Please Respond

In a preliminary effort, COERC is seeking to assess faculty awareness of and experience with open educational resources. Faculty are asked for their feedback through a survey (available with a description and a link to the survey itself:

Faculty are also urged to identify themselves as potential reviewers of the textbooks for the five courses outlined above and can do so at the end of the survey. The reviews will occur as panels during Summer 2014; stipends will be provided. Thereafter, review panels will be established on a regular basis. (Katherine D. Harris, Project Coordinator of COERC; San Jose)