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Faculty Affairs Committee

Kevin Baaske (Los Angeles), Chair
The Faculty Affairs Committee concluded a very productive year with its meeting in May.  At that meeting we perfected the resolution calling for the establishment of a Faculty Showcase.  Each campus will be asked to submit the names and honorees of campus-wide awards bestowed on faculty for their achievements in scholarship, teaching, advising, service, and the like.  The Faculty Affairs Committee will review the criteria used the first time the award is presented, but after that it is merely a matter of updating the award recipients.  A permanent record of previous recipients will be hosted on the ASCSU website. 

The Faculty Affairs Committee also thoroughly discussed the declining percentage of permanent faculty in the CSU.  Despite commitments made previously by the CSU, the percentage of permanent faculty has significantly decreased.   In response, the Faculty Affairs Committee drafted a resolution to submit for approval next fall.  This resolution calls upon the CSU to secure the resources necessary to reverse this trend.  During the fall is when the Chancellor’s Office will be preparing the budget request for 2014-2015.  Reminding the Chancellor’s Office and the Board of Trustees in the fall of their previous commitments ought to have more influence than reminding them now (although, I think I just did).

We also discussed the agreement between Udacity and San Jose State University.  The Faculty Affairs Committee is concerned that decisions about online education be made by faculty through normal curricular processes.  We are also concerned that the actions of one campus regarding online course offerings can have consequences on other campuses.

I wish to thank the members of the Faculty Affairs Committee for their splendid and collegial work this year.  I also acknowledge the many significant contributions made to our conversations by members of the Chancellor’s Office and the California Faculty Association.  Their willingness to spend time with us made our discussions more evidence-based and reasoned.  We appreciate their contributions.

For more information, contact committee Chair Kevin Baaske at or visit the committee website.