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Academic Affairs Committee

Darlene Yee-Melichar (San Francisco), Chair
The Academic Affairs Committee (AA) completed a full agenda during our final meeting of the academic year on Wednesday, May 15, 2013. We heard information updates from members of systemwide committees and task forces, listened to important reports from CO liaisons Christine Mallon, Ken O’Donnell, and Sheila Thomas, and deliberated fourteen items of business.  These included the following:

  • AA reviewed the Chancellor’s Office Responses to ASCSU Resolutions and noted Dr. Ron Vogel’s comments with appreciation.  AA will follow-up with Dr. Vogel and FGA to refine the focus of AS-3113-12/AA/FGA, Request for a Task Force to Study California State University (CSU) Student Tuition Fees and Financial Aid Support.  Senator Pasternack has volunteered to serve as AA liaison to this follow-up work as needed.
  • AA reviewed the Board of Trustees’ Agenda for May 2013 and paid special attention to the items listed in the Committee on Educational Policy and Committee on Governmental Relations.
  • AA completed old business including:
    • follow-up on proposal to amend joint graduate board procedures
    • follow-up on Project Rebound – request for ASCSU support
  • AA discussed questions and/or updates regarding online education initiatives:
    • Cal State Online (CSO)
    • Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)
    • Udacity and SJSU (including framing questions for meeting with SJSU president, provost and senate chair)
  • AA discussed new business including:
    • Proposal to Amend Title 5 Section 40510, The Master’s Degree
    • Campus academic policies on program suspensions
    • QOLT (quality online learning and teaching)
    • Red Folder Subcommittee (student mental health)
    • SB 1440 Update (impact of proposed SB 440)
    • requests for exception to 120/180 unit limits
  • AA completed work on seven resolutions including the following:

    Second Reading items

    • Clarifying the Changing Expectations for General Education
    • Reaffirming the Importance of Graduate Programs and Access to Those Programs
    • Enhanced Support of Student Mental Health and Counseling Services
    • Recognition of Clarification Provided by EO 1047, Extended Education and Self-Support Courses and Programs

    First reading/waiver items

    • A Call for the Equitable Visibility of All Online Degree Programs Offered by CSU Campuses on the and Websites
    • A Modified Process for Approval of California State University/University of California (CSU/UC) Joint Doctoral Degree Programs

In addition, AA discussed a draft resolution on concerns about achieving access through partnerships between the California State University and Private Education Companies.  After our meeting with the SJSU president, provost and senate chair, we decided to postpone this resolution until Fall 2013.

As I conclude my report, I would like to express my appreciation to all committee members for a year of very hard work and dedication to the ASCSU despite severe budgetary constraints and significant challenges.

Specific thanks to Pat Kalayjian, Simone Aloisio, Buckley Barrett, Andrea Boyle, Bill Eadie, Shane Frehlich, Susan Gubernat, Ofer Meilich, Barry Pasternack, Mark Van Selst, and Brian Wilson.

Many thanks to CO liaisons Christine Mallon and Ken O’Donnell for a year of comprehensive reports, information on academic issues and policies, and ongoing communication both during and outside of committee meetings.

A big thank you to Christine Miller for a year of information updates as Executive Committee liaison.

Special thanks to Pat Kalayjian for her steadfast help and support as vice-chair and for the provision of thoughtful and detailed committee meeting minutes.

Finally, thanks to the Academic Affairs Committee members for the privilege and honor of serving with all of you this past year.

For more information, contact committee Chair Darlene Yee-Melichar or visit the committee website.