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Academic Affairs (AA)
Jodie Ullman (San Bernardino), Chair
The Academic Affairs committee had a productive meeting in November.   Our primary focus was on finalizing our resolutions submitted for consideration to the plenary.   Indeed, we submitted drafts of two second reading resolutions; one to create a task force to study general education in the CSU and another to resolve an issue in grading courses in the Golden Four.   The general education task force resolution included a specified membership to include trustees, ASCSU senators, and campus faculty, as well as and community college and UC faculty, to study best practices in general education. More »
Academic Preparation & Education Programs (APEP)
Denise Fleming (East Bay), Chair

I am pleased to report that, at its November 2016 Plenary, the Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) passed the APEP-sponsored resolution supporting the recommendations forwarded in the Quantitative Reasoning Task Force (QRTF) Report. Although the report now moves to the Chancellor’s Office (CO) for consideration, we have already been apprised of movements toward implementation of some recommendations.
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Faculty Affairs Committee (FA)
Thomas Norman (Dominguez Hills), Chair
Faculty Affairs received reports from both Chancellor’s Office liaisons. First, Gerald Hanley reported on a grant program available for faculty development support in technology. A course re-design with technology initiative is moving to focus on courses with high failure rates, to support faculty in making creative efforts to find ways of engaging students in the material in these courses.  There are now 110 fully online degree programs across the system and faculty should be aware that the Chancellor’s Office has contracted for after-hours help desks and tutoring services that will help campuses hold down the costs of fully online degrees.  More »
Fiscal & Governmental Affairs Committee (FGA)
Praveen Soni (Long Beach), Chair
At the September 2016 meeting, the committee was of the opinion that advocacy efforts would be most effective if state and regional/local efforts were combined throughout the year with advocacy in Sacramento in April culminating the thrust.  Thus, the committee worked on finalizing plans for local advocacy implementation in the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters with Senator Swartz taking the lead.  The committee awaits the results of the elections before moving forward. More »