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Faculty Affairs received reports from both Chancellor’s Office (CO) liaisons. First, Gerald Hanley reported on a grant program available for faculty development support in technology. A course re-design with technology initiative is moving to focus on courses with high failure rates, to support faculty in making creative efforts to find ways of engaging students in the material in these courses.  There are now 110 fully online degree programs across the system and faculty should be aware that the CO has contracted for after-hours help desks and tutoring services that will help campuses hold down the costs of fully online degrees.


Second, Ganesh Raman reported on his appearance in at the Board of Trustees meeting to discuss research. The Trustees were interested in use of grants overhead, types of grants received by CSU faculty, and the numbers of students - particularly undergraduates - who are involved in research.


Led by Senator Yudelson, the Faculty Affairs committee is exploring alternate career paths for lecturers.  While lecturers are only required and paid to teach, we should explore ways to recognize the desire to conduct research, creative activity and service as well as explore mechanisms to provide remuneration for these valuable activities. Other universities have models that hire faculty to do various mixes of these activities that we might emulate. A resolution is being drafted which asks the CSU to consider offering these sorts of positions. Committee discussion focused on how to construct this proposal so as not to interfere with California Faculty Association’s (CFA) prerogatives as the bargaining agent for faculty.


Senator Foroohar provided the committee with a strong draft of a resolution on Academic Freedom, which, after a considerable period of editing, led to its introduction as a first reading item at the ASCSU plenary.


Senator Davis presented a draft of a resolution on the Availability of Lactation Stations on Campuses. Senators edited this draft resolution and offered it as a first reading item for the Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) plenary.


CFA President Jennifer Eagan visited and reported that on the union endorsement of various propositions in the upcoming election and encouraged faculty to respond to the bargaining survey which closes on December 1st.


For more information, please contact Faculty Affairs Committee ChairThomas Norman