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The Academic Affairs committee had a productive meeting in November.   Our primary focus was on finalizing our resolutions submitted for consideration to the plenary.   Indeed, we submitted drafts of two second reading resolutions; one to create a task force to study General Education (GE) in the CSU and another to resolve an issue in grading courses in the Golden Four.   The GE Task Force resolution called for a specified membership to include Trustees, Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) senators, and campus faculty, as well as California Community College (CCC) and University of California (UC) faculty, to study best practices in GE.  This task force will have the expertise to assist in responding to the increased interest in GE from external stakeholders. This resolution was approved at the plenary.

A co-sponsored resolution, also in second reading, was finalized during our committee meeting.  This resolution clarified appropriate grading and transfer evaluation for the courses in the Golden Four.  Specifically, campuses are urged to review their grading policies and establish a grade of C as minimum for GE credit in the Golden Four. Additionally, grades for students completing Golden Four courses at other universities will be evaluated for transfer, through course to course transfer procedures. This means that a grade of C- could be accepted for transfer credit if the C- grade was sufficient for GE credit at the transferring institution.  This was not an optimal solution but the view of committee was that this course to course transfer pattern best respected the autonomy of the faculty grading practices at other institutions. This resolution was also approved at the plenary.


We discussed the recent campus survey of GE and reviewed some of the descriptive results.   As with much data collection, the seemingly straightforward request to campuses for GE practices, in terms of units required, was quite complicated and there is still a little bit of clarification continuing.  It is interesting to see the variety of implementation of GE programs across the CSU.   The newly approved GE Task Force will examine this data as they begin their work.


Prior to our meeting the ASCSU had widely solicited feedback on the draft Executive Order (EO) 1071.   This feedback was compiled and submitted through the ASCSU Executive Committee to Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic and Faculty Programs, Chris Mallon.   The Chancellors’ Office received our feedback and is still in the process of compiling and responding to it.   We hope to see a new draft of EO 1071 in our upcoming virtual meeting.


Ken O’Donnell was a valued Chancellors Office liaison to our committee and a valued voice in our discussions.  He recently left the Chancellors office and for a position at CSU Dominguez Hills that will give him an opportunity to put some of his ideas into practice.   Our loss is CSU Dominguez Hills’  gain.   We co-sponsored a resolution of commendation for Ken and celebrated him at the ASCSU social which was sponsored by our committee.


In our upcoming meetings we will continue discussions on issues related to veterans.  We will also continue our work on masters’ education and disciplinary councils.   Finally we will review a resolution in support of open access for CSU faculty publications recently passed by the Council of Library Deans (COLD).



For more information, please contact Academic Affairs Committee ChairJodie Ullman