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The ASCSU passed these resolutions during the November 5-6, 2015 plenary session. All can be accessed in full here. Briefly, they are as follows 

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Resolution Summaries

Call for Suspension of CSU Background Check Policy: (HR-2015-08)
AS-3223-15/FA (Rev)


This resolution calls for suspension of the new CSU Background Check Policy and for a joint ASCSU and Chancellor’s Office task force, with the participation of the California Faculty Association, to study the policy and make recommendations about its implementation with regard to issues relevant to faculty.  The rationale indicates that the policy could have significant implications for potential faculty employees’ privacy rights as well as for hiring and attracting the strongest and most diverse faculty.

Addition of a Retired Faculty Member to the CSU Board of Trustees
AS-3228-15/FA (Rev)
Without Dissent

This resolution advocates for the addition of a retired faculty as a voting member of the CSU Board of Trustees and urges the Chancellor’s Office to support legislation to achieve that end.  The resolution specifically clarifies that the addition of a retired faculty trustee should not substitute for having a second faculty member serve on the CSU Board of Trustees as called for in AS-3017-11/EX (Rev) Addition of a Second Faculty Trustee to the Board of Trustees.

California State University 2016-17 Support Budget Preliminary Plan
AS-3229-15/FGA (Rev)

This resolution commends the CSU for its 2016-17 Support Budget Plan, which recognizes that CSU fiscal needs are significantly greater than those in the governor’s multi-year funding plan.  It supports the 3% proposed increase for funded enrollment growth in the plan and strongly urges the Board of Trustees to amend the plan to provide a compensation pool increase for all employees substantially beyond the proposed two percent (2%).

Commendation for Associate Vice Chancellor Ron Vogel
Approved by Acclamation

This resolution is a commendation for former Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Ron Vogel.

Commendation in Memory of CSU Academic Senator Shane G. Frehlich
Approved by Acclamation

This resolution acknowledges the efforts of Senator Loni Hancock and Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell in the passage of emergency legislation that lifted the requirement for the California High School Exit Examination for 2015 high school graduates, after the exam, which was to be offered in July, was cancelled by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Presidential Search Process in the California State University System: Announcement of Finalists and Visits to Campuses
Approved Unanimously

This resolution reaffirms the position on open presidential searches expressed in AS-3035-11/FA Response to Proposed Changes to the Board of Trustees Policy for the Selection of Presidents: Affirming the Importance of Campus Involvement and Transparency.  It declares that the ASCSU stands in solidarity with the 21 campus senates that have approved resolutions in favor of public announcement of finalists and visits to campus by finalists.  It urges that the selection processes for the four 2015-16 CSU presidential searches provide for the public announcement of finalists and accompanying official campus visits by finalists, and that the Chancellor and Board of Trustees revise the BOT policy to provide for the public announcement of finalists and official campus visits by finalists.

Chancellor’s Office Response to AS-3230-15/AA Establishing a Task Force on the Requirements of CSU General Education (GE) Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning

This resolution expresses concern about the Chancellor’s Office Response to AS-3230-15, which implies that the faculty is one voice among many, rather than the most significant “stakeholder” in curriculum design as it relates to CSU mathematics/quantitative reasoning requirements.  The resolution urges the Chancellor’s Office to revise its response to clarify the faculty’s primacy over curriculum.  It also urges the Chancellor’s Office to prioritize faculty leadership in efforts to address the larger questions of student success and inter-segmental alignment of curriculum across disciplines and segments alluded to in the response.

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