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The Next Budget Cycle: January to June 2016
The CSU Administration has announced its preliminary support budget plan for 2016-17. The CSU is requesting $295 million from the legislature, including a 3% proposed increase for funded enrollment growth. The Governor’s multi-year funding plan allocates only $139.4 million in additional base funding.

At the November plenary—as part of resolution AS-3229-15—the ASCSU commended the CSU for recognizing that the fiscal needs of the CSU are significantly greater than those in the governor’s multi-year funding plan. From 2008-2012, $1 billion of state revenue has been cut from the CSU budget from 2008-2012, and in each of those years the CSU has failed to admit 20,000-25,000 fully qualified applicants each year.

As part of the same resolution, the ASCSU strongly urged the Board of Trustees to amend the proposed expenditure plan to provide a compensation pool increase for all employees substantially beyond the proposed two percent (2%) indicated. To see the complete text of the resolution, and its associated rationale, please see:

The Board of Trustees Committee on Finance discussed the plan at their 17 November meeting. A record of their discussion may be found online at:

The Board approved the plan at the plenary on Wednesday 18 November. The Governor of California will propose a budget to the legislature in January. Budget discussion will take place throughout the spring, culminating in May with the Governor’s revised budget plan. The ASCSU will monitor carefully the budget process. The California Legislative Analyst has offered a useful analysis, “California’s Fiscal Outlook”, which can be read at:

The 2015 Legislative Session: Final Bill Disposition
At the November 2015 Plenary, the Fiscal & Governmental Affairs Committee (FGA) presented its report on the final status of bills in the California State Legislature identified by the ASCSU (see AS-3204-15) as of particular interest in 2015. The report has two parts. The first lists the disposition of bills sent to the Governor for action (i.e., bills that were “enrolled” by the legislature). The second lists the final status of bills that were not sent to the Governor for his action.

Upon receipt of an enrolled bill, the Governor may veto the bill, sign it into law, or allow it to become law by taking no action.  If a bill becomes law, it is said to have been “Chaptered”. Most of the bills on the ASCSU list did not clear the legislature. They will not become law in 2015. A bill may fail to clear the legislature for various reasons. The author may have requested the hearing be postponed; it may not have been assigned to a policy committee; the policy committee may not have taken up the bill; the bill may have been “inactive” (i.e., it may never have been taken up in the legislative process); or it may have been held on “suspense” (i.e., the relevant fiscal committee chose not to fund it).

2015 was the first year of a two-year legislative session. Therefore, bills that did not clear the legislature need not die. All may be taken up again in early January as a two-year bill, or reintroduced under a new bill number during the 2016 legislative session. FGA will keep a close eye on these bills. FGA will also monitor new legislation introduced during the 2016 session that may be relevant to the ASCSU.

For those interested in the specifics of the bill language or its history, follow the links provided in each case.

Bills Sent to the Governor for Action

 Bill  Bill Author Topic Final Disposition ASCSUposition Other
SB 42 Liu Calif. Commission on Higher Education Affordability/Responsibility School Exit Exam Suspension Vetoed (Sen. unfinished business) Watch CFA - Support
SB 172 Liu High School Exit Exam Suspension Chaptered Support  
SB 418 Morrell Attendance and Military Service Chaptered Support CFA - Watch
SB 707 Wolk Gun-Free School Zones Chaptered Support  
AB 25 Gipson Financial Aid: Cal Grant Renewal Chaptered Support in Concept  
AB 147 Dababneh Adoption of Research Animals Chaptered Support in Concept  
AB 176 Bonta Data Collection Vetoed Watch CFA - Support
AB 340 Weber Postsecondary Education: campus climate Vetoed Watch  
AB 716 Low California State University: Special Sessions Chaptered Support CFA - Sponsored
AB 798 Bonilla Open Course Materials Chaptered Support in Concept CFA - Watch; CSSA - Sponsored
AB 949 Gonzalez Physical Education: Competition Cheer
[Note: Bill amended; originally addressed non-resident tuition, now calls for classification of competitive cheer as an interscholastic sport subject to Title IX.]
Chaptered Originally "Watch" but now no longer of interest to ASCSU  
AB 967 Williams Sexual Assault Reporting Vetoed Support CFA - Watch
AB 1000 Weber Student Success Fees, Requirements for Chaptered Support CFA - Support if Amended
AB 1361 Burke Ca Grant Program; Veterans Vetoed Support  


Other Bills of Interest

 Bill  Bill Author Topic Location Status ASCSUposition Other
SB 8 Hertzberg Taxation Senate Government & Finance Held in Committee Support CFA - Watch
SB 15 Block Post-Secondary Financial Aid Assembly Higher Education Held in Committee Watch CFA - Watch
SB 69 Leno Budget Act of 2015 Senate Budget & Fiscal Review Superseded by budget agreement Watch  
SB 114 Liu Higher Ed/K-12 Facilities Bond Measure Re-referred to Senate Appropriations Inactive (likely 2-year bill) Support CFA - Support
SB 247 Lara Dream Centers  Charter Bus Safety Requirements Senate Rules Gut & Amend – No longer Higher Education Related   CFA - Support
SCA 1 Lara University of California Senate Committees on Education and Elections & Constitutional Amendments Inactive Watch  
AB 5 Nazarian Foster Youth: High School to Postsecondary Education Assembly Human Services Inactive-Hearing canceled April, 2015 at request of author Support in Concept  
AB 6 Wilk Reallocation High Speed Rail Funds Assembly Transportation Up for reconsideration Watch  
AB 13 Chàvez GI Bill Exemptions from Nonresident Tuition Senate Education Held in committee Support  
AB 27 Chàvez Exemption from Nonresident Tuition Senate Education Held in committee Support CFA – support
AB 38 Eggman CSU Stockton Campus {[Amended to study need for new CSU campus generally, not just in Stockton.] Senate Rules Committee Held in committee Watch

CFA – approve

AB 42 Kim Mandatory Student Fees Assembly Higher Education Hearing canceled at request of author Oppose CFA – approve
CSSA – oppose unless amended
AB 103 Weber Budget Act of 2015 Re-referred to Assembly Budget Held in committee Watch  
AB 206 Stone/
DREAM Work-Study  Program
[Note: Amended to shift administrative responsibilities for Student Aid Commission to UC and CSU.]
Assembly Appropriations (held under submission, meaning it’s unlikely to go anywhere this year) Held in committee Support CFA – support
CSSA - support
AB 456 Patterson Electronic Texts Re-referred to Assembly Higher Education Held in committee (Possible 2-yr bill) Watch  
AB 801 Bloom Success for Homeless Youth in Higher Education Act Senate Appropriations Inactive Support CFA - Support
AB 1317 Salas Executive Officer Compensation Senate Education Hearing canceled on 7/14/15 at request of author   CFA - Support
AB 1349 Weber California First Act Assembly Appropriations Held under submission; likely 2-year bill. Watch  
AB 1370 Medina Student Residency Requirements Senate Education Held in committee Watch CFA - watch
AB 1433 Gray Higher Education Bond Act of 2016 Asm. Appropriations Held under Submission Support CFA - Support

You can monitor the process of any given bill and committee hearing schedules at either or