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Resolution Summaries

The ASCSU acted upon six resolutions during its November plenary session. All can be accessed in full at the ASCSU Plenary resolutions webpage. Briefly, they are as follows:

Ensuring the Continuous Presence of a Faculty Trustee on the California State University Board of Trustees
Approved Unanimously
Thanks the Chancellor and Board for their recent efforts to secure the Faculty Trustee appointment and encourages the Academic Senate leadership to work with the Chancellor’s Office and Board to ensure that faculty will not find themselves unrepresented on the Board in future, should there be a hiatus between the Governor’s appointment and the end of a current faculty trustee’s term.

Concerns and Recommendations Regarding Cal State Online Reorganization
Approved Unanimously
This resolution acknowledges that a re-envisioned Cal State Online is consistent with recommendations previously made by the Academic Senate while expressing serious concerns about the lack of shared governance implicit in the disbanding of the current board, which had included faculty. It calls for a new governing body as well as the development of planning documents.

California State University Board of Trustees Proposed 2014-15 Support Budget
AS-3149-13/FGA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
The Academic Senate endorses the 2014-15 Support Budget requesting a general fund augmentation of $237.5 million, which exceeds the $142.2 million augmentation in Governor Brown’s multi-year plan. In this proposal, the Board of Trustees has requested $13 million for campuses to hire more than 500 full-time, tenure-track faculty system-wide as well as $37 million for concurrent efforts to support student success and completion.

Support for the Extension of the Statway Curriculum Pilot Program as an Alternative for Establishing Proficiency in Quantitative Reasoning
AS-3147-13/AA/APEP (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
As the title indicates, this pilot project is to be extended for an additional two years.

Legislative Advocacy Principles of the Academic Senate of the California State University
AS-3146-13/FGA (Rev)
Legislative Advocacy Guidelines for the Academic Senate of the California State University
AS-3148-13/FGA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
These two related resolutions seek a more proactive response to legislative intrusions into matters of faculty concern, such as curriculum and shared governance, and provide a framework for the Academic Senate’s activities vis a vis the state legislature, laying out principles, guidelines, and priorities for advocacy.

Changes to the Bylaws of the Academic Senate
AS-3145-13/EX (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
Editorial changes to the bylaws proposed for the sake of clarity, consistency.

Resolutions of Commendation were Approved by Acclamation for the following individuals:

Commendation in Memory of CSU Trustee Peter G. Mehas
Approved by Acclamation

Commendation for Dr. F. Benjamin Quillian, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
Approved by Acclamation

Commendation for CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor Robert Turnage
Approved by Acclamation

At the October 31-November 1, 2013 plenary, the following resolutions were introduced as first-reading items which the ASCSU will act upon at the January 23-24, 2014 plenary. These resolutions are in draft form, and committees continue to seek advice from faculty in order to perfect them. (For your convenience, the emails of the relevant Committee Chairs are included for your input. The ASCSU recommends also that you consult with your campus senators, who seek your advice on the following.)

Recommendations Related to Nursing Preparation
Seeks clarification of Executive Order 1084 System-Wide Nursing Policy with respect to general education requirements and enourages campuses to support “pre-nursing” students who are subsequently not admitted to nursing programs
(For more information, contact committee Chair Christine Miller or visit the committee website)

Reinstatement of Faculty Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Fund

Urges the Board and the Chancellor to reinstate these funds, as specified in the Education Code.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Manzar Foroohar or visit the committee website)

Recommendation on the Eligibility of Lecturers for Emeritus Status
Encourages campuses to follow other campuses’ leads in establishing policy criteria that would enable long-term lecturers to earn emeritus status.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Manzar Foroohar or visit the committee website)

Recommendation to Amend Title 5 to Establish Appropriate Unit Limits for Engineering Degrees
Requests that unit limits for these degrees be established at 132 semester units (198 quarter units) as distinguished from other Bachelor of Science degrees.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Christine Miller or visit the committee website)