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Outstanding Faculty of the CSU Website Launched
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Diana Guerin (Fullerton) - Chair, ASCSU

The CSU system website now features faculty who have received campus-wide outstanding performance awards.  Currently, approximately 80 faculty are featured on the “Outstanding Faculty of the California State University” website. 

The website is a joint project of the Academic Senate CSU, the Communications Department at the Chancellor’s Office, and campus faculty, staff, and administration.  Photos and content are provided by each campus, and the website will be updated four times each year depending on the campus award timelines.  Awards are categorized in one or more areas of faculty achievement:  (1) Teaching, (2) Scholarly and Creative Activities, or (3) Service.  As new recipients are recognized, the profiles of the prior recipients will be archived.

Please take time to congratulate your colleagues featured on the website. Although many faculty members are featured, these award recipients are less than one-quarter of 1 percent of the 22,000 faculty in the CSU.  As Assistant Vice Chancellor Marge Grey stated in her comments to the Board: “This site is a tremendous resource. In highlighting the faculty’s work and the high-quality instruction that students are receiving, it will attract future faculty, and future students. Moreover, it will demonstrate the impact of the CSU and its people to policymakers, donors, business and community leaders and the public at large. This site is rich in story. It is the story of the remarkable people who make a difference in the lives of our students. And the students go on to do remarkable things in the state and in the nation.”

For the presentation to the Board of Trustees, see the video dated November 5, 2013 (Part 1 at 1:57:00).

Background: System-wide Recognition of Faculty

Virtually all CSU institutions have awards to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of the faculty and staff who work with dedication and expertise to carry out the mission of the university. With respect to faculty, for example, annual campus-wide awards for outstanding achievement in teaching, scholarly and creative activities, and/or service exist at most campuses.  

At the system level, the Board of Trustees had a long tradition of recognizing the contributions of faculty to achieving the mission of the CSU.  Beginning in 1963, the Board of Trustees sponsored a program to select outstanding professors from the system’s campuses.  Two faculty were designated each year, with awards of $4,000 each.  This award was discontinued in 1995.

Although additional research might reveal why the Outstanding Professor Awards were discontinued in 1995, the Academic Senate CSU had passed a resolution entitled “Outstanding Professor Awards Program” (AS-2237-94/FA) in November 1994 urging changes in the program.  The resolution encouraged each of the campuses to select an outstanding professor and for the Board to recognize all campus outstanding professors equally rather than selecting only two for system-wide recognition.  And in January 1996, a resolution (AS-2306-96/FA) called on campuses to establish faculty leadership awards to “acknowledge and reward significant contributions to the principle and practice of shared governance.” The new website is aligned with the spirit of the recommendations of the Academic Senate in these two resolutions.

I encourage you to visit this site frequently and to share it as far and wide as possible.

A Collaborative Effort

I would be remiss if I failed to recognize the team that made this website possible. Thanks to Executive Vice Chancellor Ephraim Smith for quickly approving the Academic Senate’s request last November. Associate Vice Chancellor Ron Vogel, provided excellent policy advice.

The Academic Senate Faculty Affairs Committee created the initial list of campus awards to be featured on the website, and this committee will continue to review the campus awards to insure that they meet the criteria for inclusion. 

The Director of the Academic Senate, Tracy Butler, has managed the communication and information from the campuses—a monumental task as we establish the procedures to make this a sustainable project.  We owe her a debt of gratitude. New to our team is Carrie Kato, who is working with the next set of campuses. 

Staff and administration at the campuses provided the information, photographs, and photo releases for each of the faculty recipients. The CSU Communications Team helped us with the strategy, design and execution of the site. It has been a terrific collaborative process.