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Number 9 / August 2015

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Steven Filling, ASCSU Chair, provides an update on Budget, CSU Board of Trustees July meeting, Ethnic Studies Task Force, and other ASCSU activities and areas of interest.
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Reports From the 2014-2015 Standing Committees

Chairs of the ASCSU’s committees:

William Eadie of Academic Affairs (AA), Manzar Foroohar of Faculty Affairs (FA), Thomas Krabacher of Fiscal and Governmental Affairs (FGA) and Denise Fleming of Academic Preparation & Education programs (APEP). More »
Report of the Faculty Trustee
Trustee Steven Stepanek’s reflections on the July 2015 Board of Trustees meeting. More »
Senator Spotlight
Faculty-to-Faculty talks to Ann Schulte, Education professor, CSU Chico. More »


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ASCSU Resolutions

At the May 2015 plenary, the ASCSU passed several resolutions. Summaries of these are provided.
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ASCSU Calendar Dates for
September 2 - Standing Committee meetings
September 2-3 - Plenary
October 9 - Standing Committee interim meetings
November 4 - Standing Committee meetings
November 5-6 - Plenary
December 4 - Standing Committee Interim Meetings
January 20 - Standing Committee meetings
January 21-22 - Plenary
February 12 - Standing Committee Interim Meetings
March 2 - Standing Committee Interim Meetings
March 3-4 - Standing Committee meetings
April 8 - Standing Committee Interim Meetings
April TBD - Fiscal & Governmental Affairs Committee Legislative Days
May 18 - Standing Committee meetings
May 19-20 - Plenary



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