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Reports from the 2014-2015 Standing Committees

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Academic Affairs (AA)
William Eadie (San Diego), Chair
The Academic Affairs Committee ended a very productive year with an extremely full agenda. We dealt with the feedback we had received on first readings of the three resolutions we presented in March, and wrote a resolution that needed to have its first reading waived due to the timeliness of its subject matter. More »
Academic Preparation & Education Programs (APEP)
Denise Fleming (East Bay), Chair

APEP had no resolutions under development from its March meeting and there were no matters of sufficient urgency to warrant a request for a first reading waiver, so the committee received reports from (and asked questions of) its Chancellor’s Office liaisons, and identified priorities for its work in 2015-16. More »

Faculty Affairs Committee (FA)
Manzar Foroohar (San Luis Obispo), Chair
The Faculty Affairs Committee discussed and revised its second reading resolution, “The Call for a Plan to Increase Tenure Density in the California State University.” This resolution, which was approved by the ASCSU, calls on the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees to make recruitment and retention of tenured/tenure-track faculty a top priority in the CSU, and urges the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees to work with campus presidents and faculty to develop a plan to increase tenure density...More »
Fiscal & Governmental Affairs Committee (FGA)
Thomas Krabacher (Sacramento), Chair
The CSU Academic Senate year came to a close in late May/early June, as did the formal activities of the 2014-2015 Fiscal and Governmental Affairs Committee.  In the California’s Capitol, however, the spring legislative and budget activities have continued apace, and will do so throughout the summer.  The Committee’s end-of-year activities were conducted with this in mind. More »