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Senator Spotlight

Ann Schulte - CSU Chico
Ann Schulte
CSU Chico

How or why did you become involved in the Academic Senate?
I was encouraged by colleagues to run for this position.  I accepted the nomination because I was ready to accept new leadership opportunities outside of, but related to, the work I've been doing as a professor of education for 14 years.

What is the most pressing senate-related issue on your home campus?
Like most campuses, tenure density is of critical concern. The increasingly diminishing percentage of tenure-track faculty has a variety of detrimental impacts, but the consequence I am most concerned about is low morale. As a lifelong educator, I think passion and enthusiasm for learning are essential to a thriving (and recovering) public education system; the untenable workloads and instability of program support that are a result of decreasing tenure-track lines is demoralizing and debilitating in a way I have not experienced before.

What is the most interesting statewide senate issue to you, personally, and why?
Having been a teacher of students in many levels (grade four through post-baccalaureate), I am keenly interested in all of the ways our public education institutions prepare citizens for participation in a democracy. I see many policies that have impacted K-12 that are creeping into higher education. For example, I am very interested in the ways "value-added" assessment measures are being promoted at the university level.

Our mission in the senate is to ensure academic quality across the CSU. How do you know academic quality when you see it?
High-quality learning and teaching is marked by, in part, a high personal investment by not only the teachers and learners, but all stakeholders in the process. One example from my experience is a teacher preparation program in which I have worked for five years.  In the Rural Teacher Residency program, we have had highly successful collaborations with our partner school districts, where classroom teachers, district administrators, and their student teachers are respected and highly engaged partners in our mission to prepare effective teachers. We seek to know and engage our rural communities so that we can provide high quality teacher preparation that meets the unique needs of rural schools and also draws upon the strengths of those communities.