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The CSU Academic Senate year came to a close in late May/early June, as did the formal activities of the 2014-2015 Fiscal and Governmental Affairs Committee.  In the California’s Capitol, however, the spring legislative and budget activities have continued apace, and will do so throughout the summer.  The Committee’s end-of-year activities were conducted with this in mind.

Following a review of the previous month’s ASCSU advocacy activities in Sacramento (reported in on in detail in the previous Newsletter), the Committee’s attention was primarily devoted to monitoring the status of the proposed CSU 2015-2016 budget.  To this end, the committee held detailed conversations with (1) Assistant Vice Chancellor Karen Yelverton-Zamarripa, on the status of the CSU’s ongoing “Stand with the CSU” budget advocacy initiative (in which the ASCSU is a participant), aimed at persuading the Legislature to augment the Governor’s proposed CSU budget, in order to fully fund the Board of Trustees budget request; and (2) Jason Constantouros of the Legislative Analyst Office, to discuss possible May Revise budget scenarios.  As most people probably know at this point, the budget advocacy efforts were successful:  the legislative budget proposals from both Houses contained significant increases for the higher education in general and the CSU in particular, and the 2015-2016 budget agreement worked out between Governor Brown and the Legislature in June fully funds the original Board of Trustee’s request.  The FGA committee is currently working with Academic Senate leadership to send formal letters of appreciation to both Governor and the members of the Legislature (and its leadership), thanking them for their support for the CSU.

At the time of this writing, the Legislature is currently in its summer recess, but will continue working on its legislative agenda at the end of the month.  The deadline for completing work on 2015 legislation is the beginning the beginning of September, at which time all bills must be sent to the Governor’s desk for action.  The 2015-2016 FGA Committee will report on the final disposition of legislation at that time.   Meanwhile, the Committee will be releasing a report on the current status of legislation that was identified of interest to the ASCSU in March (see AS 3204-15/FGA); the report should be available on or about July 25th.

Other activities by the Fiscal & Governmental Affairs Committee in its final meeting of the year included placing two resolutions on the Academic Senate’s plenary agenda:  AS-3210-15/FGA (Rev), a second reading of its March resolution on campus lease agreements, and AS-3212-15/AA/FGA, a resolution jointly sponsored with the Academic Affairs Committee expressing concern over the lack of adequate consultation by the California Community Colleges regarding the CCC applied baccalaureate degree programs.  Both items were approved by the Academic Senate.  FGA also considered the possibility of recommending that the ASCSU call for the establishment of the designation “applied baccalaureate degree” to identify the proposed Community College baccalaureate degrees, but ultimately elected not to do so at this time.