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Manzar Foroohar (San Luis Obispo), Chair
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The Faculty Affairs Committee discussed and revised its second reading resolution, “The Call for a Plan to Increase Tenure Density in the California State University.” This resolution, which was approved by the ASCSU, calls on the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees to make recruitment and retention of tenured/tenure-track faculty a top priority in the CSU, and urges the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees to work with campus presidents and faculty to develop a plan to increase tenure density (the ratio of tenured/tenure-track faculty to total full time equivalent faculty workforce) to at least 75 percent, and reduce the student to faculty ratio (SFR) on each campus to no more than 18:1 in ten years. This resolution also requests that campus Presidents provide annual reports to their local senates and the Chancellor provide annual reports to ASCSU on progress toward restoring and building the CSU faculty workforce.
To follow up on the ASCSU constitutional responsibility to advance the principles of academic freedom and freedom of inquiry, Faculty Affairs invited Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advocacy and State Relations Karen Yelverton-Zamarripa for a discussion on potential impact of the State Senate Resolution SCR-35 on academic freedom. Because of its potential chilling effect on academic freedom, the SCR-35 has been opposed by faculty groups such as California Scholars for Academic Freedom, The California Faculty Association and legal and civic organizations such as The Center for Constitutional Rights, The National Lawyers Guild and Jewish Voice for Peace. However, AVC Yelverton-Zamarripa argued that the issue is not a priority for the CSU, and the university would not oppose, nor ask for amendments to SCR-35, in order to protect academic freedom on California university campuses.
Faculty Affairs met with and received reports from other guests, including Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Lori Lamb, Assistant Vice Chancellor Margy Merryfield and the new Senior Director of Academic Personnel, Michael Caldwell. VC Lamb reported on the formation and the work of the committee on work environment.
Faculty Affairs also had a discussion with the California Faculty Association liaison, David Bradfield, about the contract and the ongoing reopener negotiations on salaries.