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Kate Esposito
Kate Esposito
CSU Dominguez Hills

How or why did you become involved in the Academic Senate? 
As a former K-12 Special Educator, I truly believe that shared governance is critical to safeguarding the quality of educational programs because individuals who work closest with students have the best understanding of their lived realities.  Shared governance at the university level affects our university in a myriad ways. For instance, faculty are the best suited to ensure that high quality rigorous academic programs are available to our students through their role in the curriculum process.  During the draconian budget cuts in 2009 I was impressed with our campus Senate’s commitment to ensuring that curriculum and instructional decisions were based on student need, instead of financial costs—and wanted to be more involved. When I was asked to serve as Chair of the Educational Policy Committee—I jumped at the opening. Truly, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with and learn from so many talented faculty, staff and administrators at the university and system-wide level.

What is the most pressing senate-related issue on your home campus?
Prior to our current administration our campus had difficulty hiring and retaining visionary administrative leaders.  Ensuring that our campus retains leaders who are committed to our students, staff and faculty is critical not only to our current campus community—but our future.

What is the most interesting statewide senate issue to you, personally, and why?
I have the privilege of sending my son to a high quality public elementary school—where he is thriving as a result of the wide range publicly funded programs offered to him by the school district. When I think of his academic future—I want most to ensure that he will have access to California’s excellent public universities, at a tuition that is affordable to middle-class families such as ours. For this reason, I believe that one of the most pressing issues facing our statewide senate is the legislatures’ commitment to a quality university system which is contingent upon adequate funding.  As faculty leaders we must do what we can to ensure the CSU is funded by state public dollars rather than private dollars which—I have no doubt-- will erode the quality of our academic institutions.