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Academic Affairs Committee
Christine Miller (Sacramento), Chair
"What is most important is to cease legislating for all lives what is livable only for some, and similarly, to refrain from proscribing for all lives what is unlivable for some." - Judith Butler, Undoing Gender More »

Academic Preparation & Education Programs
Denise Fleming (East Bay), Vice Chair
The committee heard important reports from and exchanged information with our Chancellor’s Office liaison colleagues Beverly Young and Ken O’Donnell and with Michelle Pilati. We also discussed Early Start reports from three campuses and the first reading of a resolution, co-sponsored by the Academic Affairs Committee, on the formation of discipline councils. More »
Faculty Affairs Committee
Manzar Foroohar (San Luis Obispo), Chair
Besides the committee’s work on two second reading resolutions that were then passed during the March plenary (and summarized elsewhere in this newsletter), the committee worked on a first reading of the resolution “Eligibility Status for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Awards (RSCA).” This resolution is part of our ongoing advocacy of enhanced support for faculty research. More »

Fiscal & Governmental Affairs Committee
Praveen Soni (Long Beach), Chair
For the second year in a row, our committee reviewed the CSU General Fund Financial Statements for the last five years showing details of revenues and costs under the guidance of Mr. Sedong John of the Chancellor’s Office of Finance. Similar statements on auxiliaries will be made available to the committee for our May meeting when we’ll delve more deeply into the data.
More »