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Resolution Summaries

The ASCSU passed these resolutions during its March 20-21, 2014 plenary session. All can be accessed in full at the ASCSU website. Briefly, they are as follows:

Recommendation on Eligibility of Lecturers for Emeritus Status
AS- 3157-13/FA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
Expresses support for inclusion of criteria for lecturers in all campus emeritus policies and commends CSU campuses that provide such recognition.

Selection of Faculty Representatives in Shared Governance
AS-3160-13/EX/FA (Rev)
Approved Without Dissent
Urges adherence to the AAUP Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities, which sets the standard of how faculty representatives are identified to serve in shared governance, that is, by the faculty themselves and through processes determined by faculty.

Using Common Core Standards in CSU Admission and Prerequisite Requirements for Mathematics and Other Disciplines
AS-3161-13/APEP (Rev)
Approved Without Dissent
Recommends that CSU adopt language of the Common Core Standards (CCSS) in admission and prerequisite requirements; encourages CSU faculty to work with faculty of other segments to define college readiness in mathematics using CCSS.

Facilitation of Communication between ASCSU and Campus Faculty
AS-3162-14/FA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
Urges campus presidents and provosts to authorize independent access to the campus all-faculty email distribution lists to the campus senate chair; requests campus senate chairs to facilitate prompt dissemination of ASCSU resolutions; urges campus senates to include a report from ASCSU senators as a standing item on agendas.

Concerns Regarding Proposed Legislation Authorizing Community College Baccalaureate Degrees
AS-3163-14/AA (Rev)
Lays out a series of criteria to be considered in legislation designed to pilot or implement baccalaureate degrees for one or more community colleges, including UC/CSU right of first refusal to offer such degrees; required cost-benefit analysis of such degrees; and the requirement that resources appropriate to offering them be in place.

In Support of Ethnic Studies in the California State University
AS-3164-14/AA/FA (Rev)
Approved Unanimously
Commends the Chancellor for convening a task force and instituting a moratorium on changes to Ethnic Studies programs; urges support for such programs; encourages academic merit and  societal value of such programs be considered; commends the legislature for ACR 71 (2013), which supports the continuation of Africana Studies departments and programs in California’s institutions of higher education.

2014 Legislative Advocacy Positions of the Academic Senate of the California State University
Approved Without Dissent
An “omnibus” resolution adopting positions on various California State legislature bills relevant to the California State University, as of March 21, 2014.

Commendation in Memory of CSU Trustee William Hauck
Approved by Acclamation
Mourns the passing of Trustee Hauck; acknowledges his achievements; and extends condolences to his family and associates.

To read the Chancellor’s Office Response to the March resolutions please visit the Reponse pages here.

The following resolutions were introduced as first-reading items that the ASCSU will act upon at the May 15-16, 2014 plenary. These resolutions are in draft form, and committees continue to seek advice from faculty in order to perfect them.

(For your convenience, the emails of the relevant Committee Chairs are included for your input. The ASCSU also recommends that you consult with your campus senators, who seek your advice on the following)

Advice Regarding Unit Limit Exception Requests
Encourages further discussion about and states specific concerns on the handling of program requests to exceed 120/180 unit minimum for BA/BS degrees; suggests suspension of current procedures.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Christine Miller)

Creation of California State University Discipline Councils

As the title suggests, urges the Chancellor’s Office to facilitate formation of academic discipline councils to enhance intra- and inter-system.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Andreas Gebauer)

Commendation in Honor of Trustee A. Robert Linscheid
Recognizes Trustee Linscheid’s service on the Board of Trustees and to the CSU as he completes his term.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Manzar Foroohar)

Designation and Compilation of Online Course Modalities
In response to AB 386 (Levine, 2013) endorses definitions for course modalities in the CSU, ranging from face-to-face to remote online; recommends the establishment of a system-wide database to designate these modalities in order to facilitate cross-enrollment; and suggests a deadline for the assignment of modalities.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Christine Miller)

Recommendations Regarding Changes to Title 5, Section 40510, The Master’s Degree
Endorses the proposed changes, including that at least 70% of total units required in a master’s degree program be completed in residence and that 60% of courses in a master’s degree program be “designed primarily for graduate study.”
(For more information, contact committee Chair Christine Miller)

In Support of AB 2324 (Williams) Pertaining to CSU Faculty Trustee
Thanks the Board of Trustees for including AB 2324, which provides for faculty trustee holdover appointment, on the CSU Legislative Program; expresses appreciation to Assembly Member Das Williams; requests members of the CSU community to register support for the bill.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Diana Guerin)

Eligibility Status for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Awards
Commends the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees for reinstating the RSCA program at the system level; recognizes the value of the activities supported for student learning; encourages campuses to extend eligibility for the awards to faculty in all ranks.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Manzar Foroohar)

ASCSU Calendar of 2014-15 Meetings
Proposes calendar for the meetings of the ASCSU in the next academic year.
(For more information, contact committee Chair Diana Guerin)