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Message from the ASCSU Chair - Diana W. Guerin (Fullerton)

The Academic Senate of the CSU (ASCSU) is collaborating with a number of partners this year. For example, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved including the faculty trustee holdover appointment as a proposed initiative on its current legislative program. Staff working in the CSU Office of Advocacy and State Relations worked with Assembly Member Das Williams on the legislation, AB 2324, which has already passed through the Assembly. We ask all members of the CSU community to register formal support for AB 2324 as it moves through the legislative process. If approved, the legislation would allow the appointed faculty trustee to continue on the Board of Trustees until a successor is named, up to two years.

The ASCSU is also partnering with other CSU stakeholders, including students and union leaders, to advocate for additional state funding beyond that provided in Governor Brown’s proposed January budget. A few weeks ago, Chancellor White invited the leaders of unions (CSUEU, CFA), students (CSSA), and the Academic Senate to make legislative visits to the Capitol. We will continue to meet on a regular basis through the May revise. This coalition will continue to meet. Our budget ask is for an additional $95 million, which corresponds to the request approved by the Board of Trustees in January.

A third collaborative project is the Outstanding Faculty of the CSU website. The website profiles university-wide annual awards that recognize faculty accomplishments at each of the 23 campuses. It was launched last November, and the website was just updated with additional faculty who were recognized through campus-wide awards at six campuses during the past three months. The purpose of the website is to highlight, to both internal and external stakeholders, the many contributions made by faculty in the CSU. Related to recognizing such outstanding contributions, Chancellor White announced at the March meeting of the Board of Trustees that the Wang Family Excellence Awards, established by former Trustee Stanley T. Wang, will again be given. For ten years, beginning in 1998, the Wang family had distributed five $20,000 grants each year, four to faculty members and one to an administrator. Recipients will once again be recognized at a Board of Trustees meeting.

Collaborative projects with faculty colleagues in the other segments of California higher education also continue apace. With the faculty in the California Community Colleges, we have worked together to create transfer model curricula for the most popular majors that students pursue before transferring to the CSU, as required in SB 1440. A recent report provides an analysis of these efforts. The California Open Education Resources Council (COERC), established in SB 1052 and composed of faculty from the three segments, was launched in January to identify and review open education materials and to increase the adoption of free or low-cost textbooks. This work is funded by grants and matching state funds.

These are just a few of the joint efforts underway within the CSU and with our partners. I seek your individual and collective support advocating for the passage of AB 2324 (the faculty trustee holdover appointment); asking for additional funding for the CSU; sharing the accomplishments of our faculty colleagues; and facilitating transfer and access to open education resources for our students.