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Rebenching FTES and Splitting FTES into Resident and Nonresident Tuition (NRT) Components

The August 3, 2006, memorandum to Presidents from Executive Vice Chancellors Gary W. Reichard and Richard P. West provided a recapitulation of developments during 2005-06 aligned the CSU methodology for calculating graduate student FTES to the method employed by the University of California and most universities nationally and clarified marginal General Funds were received in 2006-07 ONLY for CSU students paying resident fees.

The change in graduate student FTES calculations were addressed at workshops held during the spring. The need for the CSU to split its FTES into resident and nonresident tuition (NRT) components and its enrollment planning ramifications became evident with the final Governorís Budget.

A WORD document and an EXCEL workbook are enclosed as a reminder from the spring workshop on rebenching and as a reference on the adjustments in campus 2005-06 baselines and 2006-07 targets that the Chancellorís Office made after the Budget Act.

Questions regarding these documents should be directed to Dr. Marsha Hirano-Nakanishi, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Research and Resources.


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