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Campus Reports

To download the Campus Reports, use the mouse to right-click on the PDF link, choose "Save Target As," then select a location on your computer. On Apple computers, hold the Option key while you click on the link. PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Bakersfield (.pdf) 107K
Northridge (.pdf) 692K
Channel Islands (.pdf) 721K
Pomona (.pdf) 175K
Chico (.pdf) 268K
Sacramento (.pdf) 642K
Dominguez Hills (.pdf) 466K
San Bernardino (.pdf) 59K
East Bay (.pdf) 8.83M
San Diego (.pdf) 3.01M
Fresno (.pdf) 355K
San Francisco (.pdf) 393K
Fullerton (.pdf) 791K
San Jose (.pdf) 241K
Humboldt (.pdf) 381K
San Luis Obispo (.pdf) 312K
Long Beach (.pdf) 207K
San Marcos (.pdf) 616K
Los Angeles (.pdf) 60K
Sonoma (.pdf) 5.32M
Maritime (.pdf) 715K Stanislaus (.pdf) 1.02M
Monterey Bay (.pdf) 1.2M  

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Last Updated: February 16, 2007