Academic Affairs

The Lower-Division Transfer Pattern Project

In the light of the significant reductions in the CSU budget, the university’s leadership is considering some transitions for the Lower Division Transfer Patterns (LDTP) and looks forward to working more closely with California Community Colleges regarding moving forward with a revised and increasingly useful transfer plan.

The previously anticipated addition of LDTP to CSUMentor such that individual students’ LDTP plans could be electronically tracked and admissions agreements initiated will not go forward at this time.

Using the LDTP patterns is still a good choice as a source of “roadmaps” through the California community colleges and towards the CSU.

A comprehensive statement of interim actions and CSU plans for collaborating with the community colleges of California to facilitate successful student transfer is forthcoming.

Many as yet un-answered questions are likely to be addressed in the forthcoming statement.  In the meantime, questions regarding the future of the work of LDTP and plans for the development of a useful and yet less expensive transfer plan may be referred to Allison G. Jones, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Academic Support  or Jim Blackburn

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Last Updated: March 02, 2016