Academic Affairs

Early Start Initiative

Policy Summary

  • The goals of "Early Start" are to:
    • better prepare students in math and English, before the Fall semester of freshman year
    • add an important and timely assessment tool in preparing students for college
    • ultimately improve a students' chances of successful completion of a college degree
  • There is a significant need for "Early Start" based on the fact that 60 percent of first-time freshmen enrolling at the CSU each year do not show entry-level proficiency in math and English assessments, even though they have earned at least a B average in the required college preparatory curriculum.
  • For students who still need assistance after high school, the CSU has a rich source of best practices currently operating at the campus level including math intensive “summer bridge” programs and partnerships with local community colleges. These best practices will be implemented systemwide.
  • Financial assistance for students demonstrating need is available, and CSU financial aid offices will focus on communicating to high school students about the availability of financial aid during the summer preceding their CSU freshmen year.


Executive Order 1048
Guidelines (.pdf)
Summary Of Plans (.pdf)
Early Start 2011 Public Message - Carolina Cardenas (.pdf)
Early Start Student Communications - Nathan Evans (.pdf)
Early Start CMS Infrastructure and Development - Darlene Daclan (.pdf)
Early Start Decisions to Date - 9/9/2011 (.pdf)
Early Start Decisions to Date - 11/1/2011 (.pdf)
Early Start Decisions to Date - 12/19/2011 (.pdf)
FAQ's - March 1, 2011(.pfd)
FAQ's - August 17, 2011 (.pdf)
FAQ's - October 10, 2011 (.pdf)
FAQ's - December 15, 2011 (.pdf)
FAQ's - March 6, 2012 (.pdf)
Early Start Communication Templates (.doc)
Early Start Memorandum – Summer 2013 (.pdf)
Early Start Memorandum – Winter 2015 (.pdf)